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Enrique Gonzalez, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

Hello! Yesterday I went to the Kerasotes City North 14 movie theater located near Fullerton Ave and Western. My friend told me that the theater had a special discount on Tuesdays. I dont know if every theater does this, but I remember the last time I paid $5 for a movie was back in 1993 before noon!

Well at this place, you pay the same price at any time, but remember — it’s only on Tuesdays. At first I thought they were going to show old films or something, but I was wrong. All of the pictures were new movies such as “Rocky Balboa”, “Pawns Labyrinth,” “Children Of Men,” and many others. My friend and I wanted to see “Epic.” If you saw the Chronicles of Narnia,then you probably don’t have to watch this movie. It’s funny but somehow stupid! Remember those movies made from several scenes of other movies? Well, that’s what it is!

Anyway, I thought that everyone should know about the $5 special. Check it out!

Kerasotes City North 14
(773) 394-1601
Map it Get directions

Oh, I forgot to mention — the popcorn is free!

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Going To Miami!

Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

It’s pushing midnight, my plane for Miami leaves at 7 a.m. and I’m still packing. Actually, I’m on my computer writing this blog, when I should be packing. Some things never change.

I might as well get used to it, because I don’t think sleep is going to be an option over the next few days. When I first heard that the Super Bowl was going to be in Miami, my first thought wasn’t football. It was closer to something like Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. Or the Bible’s Sodom and Gomorrah. In short, “there’s gonna be a party y’all!”

In fact, it was only this week that I realized that I actually went to the Super Bowl last year. Actually, I went to Detroit to hang out during the Super Bowl, but that just proves how memorable that experience wasn’t. Miami promises to take what is already a full sensory overload to brand new level.

Sure the game will be fun, and I can’t wait to watch the Colts and the Bears — my two favorite teams — square off. But before that happens, I’ll be faithfully covering the party scene down here. I’m credentialed for several parties, including the Maxim party, which many veterans say is one of the best, plus the Penthouse party, numerous clubs in the South Beach area and whatever else we happen to run into. Stay tuned over the next few days for the pics and videos, here in this blog, and in our special Super Bowl section. Also, check out the party preview audio podcasts below.

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Amanda Hunt, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

What a night!!! January 28, 2007, Chicago recognized an array of star-studded performers who are taking the entertainment world by storm. With top nominees including Darius Brooks, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, Buddy Guy and so many more, who better to host this celebration then our own NBC 5, Entertainment Reporter LeAnn Trotter and Bluesman Frank Pelligrino of Kingston Mines.

Let me start by saying….toss what you heard, Chicago’s got talent! Rock stars The Saturn Project were seriously amazing, high energy artist and Classical violinist Rachel Barton Pine not only took home the award for Best Classical Entertainer but also gave one of the most breathtaking performances I have ever experienced (she twirks a violin like nobody’s business). R&B rising stars P. Coakley and Lil Mann serenaded us with their much anticipated, cognac voices and internationally known spoken word artist Malik Yusef, featuring Red Storm, brought the truth in uncut fashion.

Sidebar- in a room full of glitz and glamour, everyone was so… nice. One highlight was meeting and hearing Jazz songbird Tammy McCann– who is sweet as pie- and Latin star Nythia Riveria. Both revealed their unquestionable expertise with two powerfully versatile selections and Chicago Gospel Festival coordinator/radio host Pam Morris (second highlight encounter) along with Oprah Winfrey XM radio producer, writer and radio host Mark Ruffin were two of five gracious recipients of Awards of Honor for the evening. (Visit http://www.chicagomusicawards.com/ for a complete list of nominees and honorees.)

Music, laughter and blushing artists filled the Park West Theatre, giving crazy synergy for this 26th annual celebration. With dad as my date and the flavored finale by Reggae star Indika Band, featuring Bunny Jackson, Hugh Roy and Celoni, we truly closed out a sensational evening. See for yourself by checking out the photos below, and in the words of George Daniel, owner of George’s Music Room, “keep supporting Chicago!”

View Pictures From The Event

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Susan Noble

Tonight, I continued my search for a ‘bring your own bottle’ restaurant at which to host an ‘Open That Bottle Night’ dinner on Saturday, 24 February.

OTBN was launched in 2000 by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, wine reporters with the Wall Street Journal. Everyone seems to have a bottle of wine that they are saving for a special occasion. OTBN gives us a reason to open that bottle and share the story behind the events that make it special.

Heading west on the Kennedy, a friend and I tried Tre Kronor on Foster near Kedzie for Swedish cuisine. Metered parking on the street was abundant. We were seated promptly, though we did have a reservation and needed it.

The dining room was bright and seated about 40. I noticed a table in the front window which would be perfect for our group!

Our bottle of 2003 Franz Leth Reserve Pinot Noir was opened for us and there was no corkage fee. We ordered appetizers of carrot soup and mixed greens with goat cheese, which were very good.

For the main course, we ordered Swedish meatballs with cucumber salad and pork loin stuffed with prunes and served with red cabbage. Both orders included mashed potatoes, which were amazingly white and buttery. For dessert, we enjoyed chocolate mousse and a lemon tart. Both were delicious!

Definitely planning a second visit to try some of the salmon dishes and the pudding desserts!

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Ben Soldinger, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Who would have thought that the sleepy little town of Libertyville, Illinois would transform itself into one of the hottest districts in all of the Chicagoland area! I’ll be spending Thursday and Saturday nights in this town. Tonight, Vance ‘Guitar’ Kelly is playing at the Firkin.
(See my archive – Chicago – Home of the Blues?) . Before enjoying some Blues, I’ll be eating at one of Chicagoland’s best (and a personal favorite) restaurants, The Tavern in Libertyville. I’ve been going to this restaurant for over twenty years and the food and wine is second to NONE.

Saturday night, national act, WARRANT, is playing at a new venue called Austin’s Saloon & Eatery. The 80’s rockers are on tour to support their new cd, Born Again (great cd) and playing some of their classics, ‘Heaven’, ‘Cherry Pie’, and many others. If you like straight forward, fun rock -n- roll, then come check out the Down Boys!

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The Bye Week

Peggy Cassidy, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

We’re going to the Super Bowl.

I use the plural possessive “we”, as if I somehow achieved something great. I imply that I’m getting on a jet for Miami along with the team … my team. But, more accurate would be the recognition that it was the hardworking and oft-maligned team and their support staff that brought the city to this spotlight moment and, regardless of what the outcome is at the Super Bowl, these guys (and they are all guys, something I really don’t like about the NFL) have made us feel special in the middle of January in Chicago. Now that’s a trick.

I went to two Bears games this year, thanks to a friend who’s a season ticket holder. The first was a preseason game, sunny and warm and not very exciting. The last was the Seahawks game in postseason. It was cold and crowded. The fans were wild and the team was hot. I watched nearly every game in between with a group of spirited friends in one spirited bar or another.

I can’t say that I’m a wild football fan. Up until this season, my last real interest in the NFL was when the Bears last went to the Super Bowl. But, I’m a Chicagoan and most anyone who loves this town like I do is having a love affair with the Bears right now. And why not?

It’s been a swell ride, as was our trip to the World Series with the White Sox. Chicagoans, both sports fans and non-sports fans, are on top of the world again and sharing this enthusiasm brings us all together in a pretty great way.

Go Bears, and thank you!! Winning is a wonderful winter pick-me-up!

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Patrice Fletcher, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

The Goodman Theatre’s production of RADIO GOLF is the best written – and best acted – play I’ve seen in years. The last in Wilson’s 10-play cycle chronicling the African-American experience throughout the 20th century, it is also the culmination of the theatre’s 20-year relationship with Wilson, which began 21 years ago with FENCES.

RADIO GOLF is a delightful, thought-provoking portrayal of two men on the rise and on the make who are caught between old community values and new opportunities, between racism and aspirations, between ambition and integrity. The characters are richly drawn, but this expert cast inhabits them so believably, that you almost want to take them out for coffee.

Goodman set designs are nearly always wonderful, but in this show, designer David Gallo captures the past, present and future of the characters’ lives in just one, layered yet unchanging scene.

RADIO GOLF is headed for Broadway, so if you miss it, you’ll really be missing a piece of history.

RADIO GOLF runs through February 18, 2007, in the Albert Theatre. For more, go to:

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Patrice’s Archive:
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