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St Louis, MO-Patrick J Mcalee Is an ambitious airshow pilot whose routine is driven by passion, precision and inspiration. Although Patrick is still rising in the aerobatic ranks he is not inexperienced in the field; in fact, aviation is in his blood. With both his father and uncle both being airline pilots Pat was exposed to airplanes as early as the age of five; aerobatics at 7. His inherent love for flying, and mentorship by airshow moguls such as: Sean D. Tucker, Skip Stewart, Debbie Rihn-Harvey, Billy Werth and Greg Koontz, all steered Patrick towards purpose- to become an Aerobatic Airshow Pilot. At the age of 12, Patrick started saving for his first plane, he even took on two jobs by the age of 16 ; one of which involved fueling airplanes on the weekends and the other as an airplane mechanic with his dad. As a young adult Patrick continued to strive towards his goal by logging hours on every single plane he could get his hands on. During his spare time he started working as a freelance flight instructor; at the age of 18. After receiving Aerobatic instruction from the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety and receiving his A&P degree from (UCM), Patrick continued working on biplanes and try hard for airshows. With the introduction of the “Blue Demon” a highly modified Pitts S1SS Bi-plane in 2008 Patrick was able to shift his gears from spectator to performer. His passion, dedication and love for flight finally allowed him to turn his dream into a reality. “Aerobatic flying is my way of maximizing my love for what I do. I love flying that much that I want to take it to the max!” In his routine, Patrick executes his maneuvers to a choreographed music playlist; all while practicing precision, professionalism and safety. From the ground looking up some may say or ask why his routine is hard core? The simplest response being that It is a reflection of his personality” real passion means sacrifice; there’s also the fact that Patrick likes to use his hot rod plane for a hot rod show. Because flying is extreme in its own right it takes an astounding amount of athleticism! It takes a lot of hard work, training, focus and dedication to stay on top. Similar to a fighter, Pat has to maintain a vigorous training schedule which involves lifting weights, cardio and even Mixed Martial Arts. He is constantly fighting inside and outside forces. During his airshow routine, which can run approximately 15 minutes, he feels forces on his body that are equivalent to 8.5 times his bodyweight, these forces will be exerted on him approximately 65 times EACH flight! Not to mention the extreme temperatures of the cockpit during flight. (110 degrees in the cockpit while wearing full fire resistant gear). Since its first inception, Pat’s dream has led him to fly shows all across the U.S; he has logged, 1,000 aerobatic hours and 10,000 hours of total time in over thirty different aircrafts. Patrick has been flying in aerobatic competitions for the past 5 years, airshows for the past two. In addition to being an extreme performer Patrick’s personality involves mentoring, assisting and inspiring those who may feel less fortunate. He not only likes living his dream but also likes to talk about is his calming place and I wants to share it. He is always willing to speak with crowds before, during or after his show. Patrick wants to continue mentor and visit children in or around his community. Patrick’s mantra involves HOLDING ON TIGHT! HOLDING ONTO THE CONTROLS AND GO FOR IT!

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