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JenJen Boyles, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

Most of us just came off a long — not to mention filling — four-day weekend, so this one seems to have crept up. If it caught you by surprise and you’re not quite sure of your social schedule, we’ll help you combat snow-induced boredom and those few extra pounds after all those turkey leftovers! It’s probably time to get out there and shake it on the dance floor (do the mashed potato to work off those mashed potatoes!). If dancin’ isn’t your bag, you could hit up a comedy show and laugh your tummy back to normal. And though you may be sick of the consumer grind after Black Friday, check out some sheduled shopping and beauty events.


DANCE EVENT: Metro Area & Orchard Lounge @ Zentra: MORE INFO

DANCE EVENT: Mark Grant & Michael Serafini @ Ohm: MORE INFO

DANCE EVENT: DJ Icey, Keith Mackenzie & Tolgar @ Soundbar : MORE INFO

DANCE EVENT: Pete Heller, Nick Nice, and Chad Mindrive @ Smartbar MORE INFO

BEAUTY EVENT: Pajama Party @ Mojo Spa Natural Beauty Company and Nail Spa (1468 N. Milwaukee Ave.) It’s PJ TIME! Join the spa for a night of discounted beauty services, including $15 basic manicures, $35 basic pedicures and $40 for both services. Purchase $15 or more in services and receive a makeover, plus access to desserts and refreshments. RSVP required at launchparty@mojospa.com or 773-580-5391

ART EVENT: Bucktown Holiday Art Show @ Bucktown Loft Space MORE INFO


DANCE EVENT: Robbie Rivera @ Crobar

SHOPPING EVENT: Do Division: Holiday Shopping Party (Division Street between Ashland Avenue and Leavitt Street, 1900 W. Division St.) Noon – 7 p.m. Participating businesses include:
Pump, 1659 W. Division St.

Penelope’s,1913 W. Division St.


Steelo, 1850 W. Division St.

Porte Rouge, 1911 W. Division St.

Casa de Soul, 1919 W. Division St.

Public I, 1923 W. Division St.

Symmetry, 1925 W. Division St.

Plein Aire, 2036 W. Division St.

and more.

Afterparty locations include: Vintage Wine Bar, InnJoy, Small Bar, Moonshine and Enoteca Roma Winebar.

COMEDY EVENT: Comedy Jam II: Deray, Tony Sculfield, Cory Holcomb, George Wilbourn @ Arie Crown Theater in Chicago

COMEDY EVENT: Bob Saget @ Genesee Theatre (203 N. Genesee St. Waukegan,IL)

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Hot Chip, Cool Bar

Brian Battle NBC5 Street Team (video)

Remember the time when people said “synthesizer” instead of keyboards? Incidentally, it was also when fashionable gals were wearing like, tights under skirts, and um, leg-warmers. Well, my nostalgia-prone friend, for better or for worse, that time is back.

When Hot Chip (nay “Hawt Chip”) took the stage at The Metro earlier this month, four-fifths of them took their stations behind a wall-o-synths. Shaking the venue’s collective booty as much as 5 pasty Brits can shake an equally pasty crowd. For the encore they banged out a riotous version of “Over and Over” and a few days later someone reminded me I screamed “SYNTH GODDDS!” Yeah. I’m that guy.

Afterwards, while my friend was busy slurring tequila infused come-ons at Smartbar, we ducked into the most tolerable bar in Wrigleyville: The Gingerman Tavern. The mix-matched chairs, tables and billiard balls complement it’s equally eclectic clientele. That said, if anyone knows of a better Wrigleyville bar, I’d like to hear it, drink there, and then tell you why you’re wrong.

*More Awesomeness (words) Here*

photos by Pegs. Thanks Pegs.

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LeAnn Trotter, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

There is alot of buzz about Eleven City Diner. We covered it today in our Good Eats segment on NBC 5. I’ve been there a few times and I think they have great food, and adequate service. But if you look at some of the reviews out there, you’ll see that opinions vary. To be fair, one of the producers I work with here at Channel 5 didn’t particularly care for the food. I’m curious whether you’ve eaten there. Do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?

I will tell you this: the owner — Brad Rubin — is extremely passionate about his restaurant. He’s worked in the biz his whole life, and has gotten help and advice from a lot of his heavy-duty restauranteur friends.

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November To Remember

Enrique Gonzalez, NBC5 Street Team

What a weather, huh? This is probably not going to happen at least for the next 10 years. I had a great Thanksgiving up in Plainfield, that’s right! It’s all plain alright, but I had a wonderful time with all my nephews playing ball on Saturday morning. Although I have to tell you that I was really tired, not only because I haven’t play baseball in years, but I was tired for all that shopping on “Black Friday” at the Aurora Outlet. Great deals and discounts guys. Bought this great “Guess” brown blazer for 50 bucks — it was valued at at least $100. So really, it was worth it. Did you find any good shopping deals there?

I came back to Chicago Saturday evening, and stayed up until 5 a.m. — you know us Latinos — once you have the fiestas going, it never stops until you drop. I also went to the “Signature Room” at the Hancock. Although we had to stand in line, it was my first time going up there at night, and let me tell you, the view was very cool! We only had some drinks, and then we went bar hopping at Wicker Park and then to Lincoln Park. Thank God for the good weather. All i have to say guys is I had a great Thanksgiving — good deals and a fabulous weekend, but above all, I enjoyed this weather, and I even had my car top open! Yes it will be a “November to remember!”

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Erika and Monika SimmonsErika and Monika Simmons, NBC5 Street Team,

Monika and I have been into fitness & nutrition, ever since we were teens. In high school, we danced, ran track and even lifted weights. In college, we did much of the same. But, once thrown into the perils of “the real world” we quickly realized that group exercise was the perfect combination of choreography, music and camaraderie that fit our personalities.

That’s right AEROBICS!!! With a highly diverse collection of Bodies in Motion, Buns of Steel, and Denise Austin VHS tapes, the time had come for us to graduate from our living room into a real gym. As a College Grad with a bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology, I realized that I preferred community based environments over your run of the mill Health Club. In 1999, Monika and I , found our extended family 3 blocks away from our South Shore Apartment, at the South Side YMCA on 63 rd and Stony Island Ave. Now, I am not only a member, I am an instructor! Once my good friend, Sidra James (Y instructor), changed her schedule to exclude my favorite Advanced Step Aerobics class, I gladly acquired my certifications and took her place.

Throughout my time at the YMCA, I have taught a children’s fitness program, an abdominal & lower back toning class, African dance, Basic & intermediate step aerobics and high & low impact aerobics. My present schedule includes an Ab toning class, Intermediate Step Aerobics and Cardio Cross-training. I even get to make guest appearances at my boy Johns’, Boot camp Class at 6:15 in the morning!!! Those that are looking for a good time, great people and some fitness along the way, the YMCA may be the place for you. See ya in class!

Erika’s YMCA class schedule

Mon & Wed 8:15 am- 8:45 am AB ATTACK (abdominal & lower back toning)
Tues & Thurs 8:15 am- 9 am Intermediate Step Aerobics
Fridays 8:15 am-9 am Fun, Fitness, Fridays (cardio-cross training)

For more info. call the South Side YMCA information desk: 773-947-0700

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Guns N Roses

Ben Soldinger, NBC5 Street Team

11/28/06 – Chicago had the pleasure to have Axl Rose and his Gunners grace us with their presence last night at the All State Arena…or so Axl thinks. The rock concert itself was a fantastic display of bombastic effects of fire, explosions, great musicianship, and air tight renditions of the songs from their heyday. Axl Rose looked good, and sounded great. The problem was that he made his loyal fans in a sold out stadium wait until after 11:30pm on this MONDAY night before his band hit the stage. A note for all you concert goers out there, All State Arena closes all its alcohol sales at 10:10pm. Not that one needs alcohol to enjoy him/herself at a concert, but it might be fun to kick back and enjoy a couple of beers for a 130 minute performance. I left ‘early‘ at 1:30am. Perhaps this rock deity could have this sort of justification if he had new music out or his bandmates were the artists who originally wrote these songs that defined a generation and changed musical history forever. Somehow I can’t get overly excited about a rock riff or solo being performed knowing that someone else had created it. This incarnation of ‘Guns N Roses’ is nothing more than a glorified cover band performing material that other musicians wrote with Mr. Axl Rose. I loved hearing these songs played live, but that didn’t compare to how perturbed I was this morning getting up for work. I want a musical genius to succeed and inspire me, but this lack of respect for his fans clearly pains me to see that one of the leaders of a genre doesn’t get the fact it’s THE FANS that pay his bills. Then again, when did Axl Rose ever care about his fans? If you have tickets to tomorrow’s show in Milwaukee, I heard today that it was canceled. You are delusional, Axl and need to get help. Please consider it because I’d like to be a fan again.

Ben’s Blog Archives:

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Shlomi Rabi NBC5 Street Team

It’s been one of those weeks. You look around yourself: you have an inch-thick stack of bills to go through, work is slowly turning you into a xenophobe, your pantry is empty, your cats won’t stop nagging about wanting to go to Eurodisney, and you have still not won the lottery. Still. Yep, it’s a Tuesday. By this point there is only one thing for you to do: put on your magic boots, get out your cape, and hop on your magic carpet. Or, if your luck is as bad as mine and your carpet is still at the cleaners, go to the movies. And make sure that when you do, you go see Pedro Almodovar’s latest- Volver.

Describing what Volver is about is mutually exclusive with why the film is so good. It would be like trying to explain why brownie is the best dessert invention since, well, the sliced brownie. Anyway, in Volver Almodovar returns to what he’s best at: women. In his last two flicks he’s tried to protagonize men, but to mediocre results. Almodovar likes–no, make that loves–his women. He overlayers them with quirks, neuroses, and the most idiosyncratic of ticks. He imbues them with the sort of strength and the kind of explosive sexuality that make you forget that most times the plot is ridiculous. His attention to details (and, oh, the color red) continuously keep the plot vivid, throbbing, and the viewers engaged. It’s not short, but best things come to those who wait.

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