Laura began as a fake news anchor on Chicago Cable 25's Nude Hippo, where her tag line, "I'm Laura Lodewyck, and nobody cares" wowed dozens. She now chases ridiculous and fabulous events as a Correspondent on Nude Hippo for NBC5.com. She holds an MFA in Performance, so she is (of course) an actress/temp by day and a bargain-hunting beer-drinker by night. She loves referring to herself in the third person. Favorite Most Underrated Movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight (mousy, amnesiac Geena Davis suddenly bleaches her hair and talks to her government assassin former self in a mirror. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson is around to say clever things). Favorite Most Delicious, Rarely-Mixed Drink: the champagne cocktail (champagne, brandy, and bitters melting spectacularly around a sugar cube). Favorite Most Obscure Historical Site: America's Stonehenge (exactly what it sounds like, only smaller).

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