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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Watch the weekly “Word On The Street” segment on 24/7 Chicago: Secrets of the City,” at 12:05 a.m., immediately following Saturday Night Live on NBC5.

Stretch Run Sports Club & Grille

For this week’s “Word On The Street” segment, we hit Stretch Run Sports Club & Grille, an off track betting facility in River North.

Stretch Run will no doubt be the place to be next Saturday, when Big Brown tries to complete the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. In short, this place is a guy’s dream. TVs, TVs and more TVs, all playing sports from all over the world. Plus food. And beer.

Click here for my previous blog on Stretch Run and click here to visit their Web site.

Blues Festival

The 25th Annual Chicago Blues Festival will be held June 5-8 in Grant Park. The weather hasn’t exactly felt like it, but for me, the Blues Festival signifies the start of summer.

Chicago is known as one of the iconic cities in the birth of this unique American art form, and the Blues Festival serves as an opportunity for flex our musical muscles.

Click here for the lineup and more information.

Streets Of Chicago Hair and Fashion Show

For the fourth consecutive year, the “Streets of Chicago” Hair and Fashion Show will be held to benefit a local charity. The team behind Sine Qua Non Salon are behind the looks at the fashion show, which will also showcase local fashion designers.

Project Runways “Steven Rosengard” will also be on hand as a special guest designer.

If you want to go, you have to act quickly. The event will be held at the Victor Hotel on Sunday, and starts with a 6:30-7:30pm complimentary cocktail hour, followed by the fashion show which includes a multi-media presentation and live DJ.

Video Segment:

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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

I’m not much of a girly-girl. Shopping is torture. I’m up front and center at metal and rock concerts. I’ve gotten a manicure and pedicure three times in the last six years; I love Star Wars and Star Trek and really, any sci fi, and just cannot get into Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. I drink whiskey and beer and dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives and I hate pink.

But when it comes to Sex And The City, I am unabashedly, unapologetically in touch with my feminine side. Like Cara, my friends and I also made the Sunday rounds. We’d make pitchers of cosmos and chat away until the new episode started and then we would all shut up. Not a sound came out of us until it was over except for laughs, gasps, and a few sobs.

What is it about this show that resonates with so many women? For me it was never about the fashion (see the shopping comment). It was the first show whose female characters spoke to me and for me. As a 30-something single woman who refuses to settle just to be in a relationship I could relate to Carrie. As a person who abhors the limitations of gender-based roles yet recognizes the power of sex and sensuality, Samantha. As a mother who’s also focused on her career, Miranda, and as an optimist and a romantic, Charlotte. While each character has distinct personality traits, they’re also complex. There are many other pieces of myself that these women seem to capture eloquently, and every woman I know can find a bit of herself in them.

So, this afternoon a few of my friends and I are getting together. We’re getting all dolled up in dresses and high heels. I’m putting aside my aversion to pink and to sweet cocktails and drinking cosmos. We’ll see the movie and laugh and cry and drink more cosmos afterward as we relive it to the chagrin of any surrounding males (although if they’re smart they’ll listen to Jon. Men, this is a unique opportunity to get inside the head of a woman).

And then I’m heading to Reggie’s Rock Club to see a kick-ass band, drink beer and most likely have a shot of Jameson’s. I can only be a girly-girl for so long.

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Jon Ibrahim, NBC5 Street Team

With the Sex and the City Juggernaut sweeping the nation I’ve noticed a lot of media writers and columnist, mostly men, defending the male position that they shouldn’t be pressured by their wives / girlfriends to go see the movie with them. At the same time they blast these same women for being dismayed if their man doesn’t want to go. I have a problem with that.

Guys, take it from me, there is nothing wrong with liking SATC. In fact, men can learn endless volumes about women from SATC. You see, Hollywood is dominated by male writers. SATC is different in that the majority of the writers for that show are female. Writers always inject a little of themselves in what they write so we’d be foolish to believe that these female writers didn’t write a little truth about what women really want, need, and experience in the four female characters. It’s the epidome of life imitating art.

The bottom line is don’t be insecure. Seeing a chick flick doesn’t mean you’re not a man. Be mature and grow a pair. There’s no downside to attending with your girl. She’ll be happy you cared enough to go with her and if you have half a brain you might even learn something.

The great sex talk doesn’t end with the blog!  Every week myself and Dr. Paul Dobransky, my psychiatrist partner-in-crime, record our street smart-yet-clinical podcast “The Fireman and the Shrink”.  Check out our thoughts on the SATC here:

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Video Teaser:

And don’t forget to check out my blog, “Sex 911: Confessions of a Serial Dater,” at www.nbc5.com/bettersex.


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Shreyas Shah, NBC5 Street Team

This party has so much entertainment, I had to let everyone know. Join Funky Couture for a very special evening of dining, cocktails and fashion, May 30th for the Sex and the City Movie Premiere Party. 7:00 – 9:00 The night starts off at Fleming’s, Chicago’s hottest new downtown restaurant destination. You will be treated to a VIP Reception complete with Champagne and a drink menu full of your Sex and the City favorite’s. Small tasting plates of Fleming’s delicious menu will also be featured so make sure to bring your appetite. 9:00 – 2:00 The party continues at the chic West Loop Lounge, Victor Hotel for a complimentary “Cosmo and Flirtini” tasting and a Sex and the City character look-a-like contest. After that, they pack the runway with hip fashion’s by some of Chicago’s top boutiques followed by xexy NYC house sounds pumping all night long by Funky Couture, Dalton K. Finney and James Lauer! Gift bags full of suprises for all! You can purchase tickets on www.going.com/sexcity. For more info, call 773.510.4615 or e-mail info@funkycouture.net.

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Fayth (aka Relaxocat), NBC5 Street Team
Happy Friday everyone! I know a lot of gals are headed out to Sex And The City parties, but there’s no way I’m going to miss Firewater at the Empty Bottle. And the guys are going along too, so we’ll just wait for SATC on DVD or take a pass altogether.

Front man Tod A, formerly of Cop Shoot Cop, is back on the road, but this time he’s touring with Firewater. “Back on the road” could mean a lot of things when you’re talking about Tod A. Prior to the fall release of the album The Golden Hour on local label, Bloodshot Records, Tod was adventuring around the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent for 3 years. Armed with a mic and laptop, he picked up an amazing amount music from around the globe. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the YouTube video about it or read the press release from earlier this month.

What’s the new music like? A great, big, diverse sound – a little Balkan, a little Eastern, a little punk, and completely rockin’. His vocals have been compared to Tom Waits and some say Tod A continues where Joe Strummer left off. But to me it’s like someone melodically growling in your ears and it sounds so good that you’re not even aware that you’re being insulted.

Seriously, you must see Firewater at the Empty Bottle tonight. If you check the band’s MySpace page you’ll see that there’s a gigantic list of band members, so I spoke to Heather over at Bloodshot because I wasn’t sure how many band members would be on stage tonight. She let me know that the band has been touring with six members from around the world and the U.S. If you went to SXSW, you might have seen them there.

So, while the girls may be out celebrating SATC with Cosmos, the guys will be celebrating the arrival of Firewater at Empty Bottle! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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Cara CarriveauCara “Cara’s Basement” Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

I could have gone to the preview of Sex In The City a few nights ago but my Mommy duties came first. Today, though, my son was in daycare and my daughter was in school – so off to the theatre I went for a noon showing. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a movie by myself and I’m wondering why I don’t do it more often. I’m the type that likes to NOT talk at all (and of course don’t want to be talked to) during a film, anyway, so why do I need someone I know next to me? Besides, it’s much easier to find a good seat for one.

There were actually several solo women at this showing – likely, fellow mothers with kids in school. And to my surprise a few solo men were in the audience. I was surprised to see any men at all.Sex In The City

Like so many other women, I spent many Sunday nights throwing SATC get-togethers (lots of wine!) w/girlfriends. Actually it was usually with one (ex) girlfriend in particular who I used to hang out with – she always reminded me of Samantha (and I of course was more than a bit like Carrie). So most of the time during the SATC movie I kept thinking about my (ex) girlfiend and wondered if her life had turned out like Samantha’s had – I won’t spoil the movie for you, but let’s just say that I was a bit surprised by Samantha’s story line. But it did make logical sense and even seemed likely to have happened to my (ex) girlfriend.

I remember always thinking that 30 minutes was never enough when SATC was on HBO. And this movie still didn’t seem long enough even though it’s a whopping 2.5 hours — just goes to show if you love SATC you won’t feel it’s a long movie. It was just enough for closure on some things and just enough to satisfy the long wait for the movie to arrive. Frankly, they could bring back the series to TV and I’d be ecstatic. As far as I’m concerned SATC was absolutely one of the greatest shows of all time. And not all great TV shows would make a great movie – I loved Friends and Seinfeld, but have no desire to see them on the big screen. SATC is a different animal. So funny and so true. I saw so much of me in each of the ladies’ storylines in this movie. I laughed, I cried. And when it was over I went shopping. Yep, the perfect girly day even if I was by myself!

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Shlomi Rabi NBC5 Street Team

Okay, so let’s look at the evidence: long blond hair extensions, bitchin’ heels, fabulous couture and hordes of gorgeous men. No, my little soldiers of glamour, I am not talking about the SATC premiere that people will not stop blabbing about (and by “people” I mean hot, stunning people endowed with fierceness and shockingly good taste, so please, don’t aim that spiky heel at me). Rather, I am talking about the latest scandal to involve yet another closeted governor. *Sigh*… they never learn, do they? Now, before you all hurl your freshwater pearls at me, let me state that for the record I have no idea who that governor is, but if the past few years are anything to go by, he’s out there, he’s a gorgeous mess, and he’s partying with a tranny.

Okay, so since we do not know who the scandalous governor is I suggest we discuss–oh well, what the heck –the SATC Premiere! So, while this is a truly remarkable event for a squillion women worldwide, let us not forget all the loyal homosexymen who have been worshipping the show from its first episode, when Carrie had sex like a man, something many of the aforementioned homosexymen could relate to (ahem). Anyhoobie, from the sizzling men, to the bedazzled shoes, and to the deluge of cosmos, we’ve been there with Carrie (and Samantha, we have definitely been there with Samantha, lots of times). We, too, have learned our lessons through the iconic show (did I just say “iconic”? Holy Cher! Damn, did I just “Holy Cher”? What the Fierce? “Fierce”?!?! I can’t control it!) and all of its fabulous characters. And perhaps, most of all (pulls out Hermes handkerchief, pure silk, anchor & rope motif, vintage, very rare), we too, (sniff, sniff) have learned that the most important thing in life, (sniff), is finding a guy who goes by the name “Big.” Just ask your average governor.

To learn more about Shlomi’s personal (and only acceptable) take on life, love and chicago, visit him here.

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