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LaShonda Matlock, NBC Chicago Street Team

Just because the economy stinks, that doesn’t mean your fashion has to as well.

On Friday, fashion-forward Gold Coast boutique Jake (939 N. Rush St.) will launch a new budget-friendly store-in-store promotion called “It’s Great To Be Jake.”

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LaShonda Matlock, NBC5 Street Team

September 08, left with a definite B.A.N.G. and along with the heat it took away the celebrities as well! Now there have been a few sprinkles of celebrities here and there but call me crazy because it always seems as though Chicago keeps getting the same stars over and over again like: MTV “The Hills” stars, Girls Next Door, Common or some random D-lister (Jessica Simpson) REALLY just how many times has she been in Chicago recently?!

Now, if you’re anything like me then your in desperate need of some heavy duty, all night celeb filled clubbing! I’m not kidding, with the below negative weather and lack of reasons to strap on my Christian Louboutin knock-offs I’m going through nightlife withdrawals here! Heck, at this point I need a party fix like Brit Brit needs her CrAzY meds!

So thank goodness the ladies at XA Agency and The Patton Group are putting back on their super girl capes for December 16th, and saving the day once again! This time it’s in the form of Chris “Ludacris” Bridges.

Michigan Avenue Magazine will be hosting their high profile V.I.P. holiday party Tuesday-Dec 16th, at Manor nightclub. The fab party starts at 8pm but if your not on the list or know someone at XA there’s a strong possibility you might be sitting this one out!

And if you can’t go downstairs then why not go upstairs to Stay nightclub where ther’s always a party and at Stay you can definitely “Stay” if you catch my drift!

Now, my personal sources are telling me that Chris Brown and Rihanna will be stopping by Stay after Jingle Bash, and of course The Patton Group and XA are both denying this but one can never can tell what really goes on in Chicago behind the velvet ropes! *wink*

So two hot spots in one night, sounds like a plan, right! And if you have a hangover Wednesday morning then do blame me! Peace, love and P..A..R..T..Y!!!


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