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Laura Lodewyck, NBC5 Street Team
It was an event that captured the attention of the entire country. An image that many thought was the Virgin Mary — and other, a salt stain — appeared under the Fullerton Avenue overpass, prompting hundreds of people to visit the shrine for days on end.

The event provides the inspiration for Teatro Vista’s latest production, Our Lady of the Underpass. The play is currently on-stage at the Victory Gardens Greenhouse through March 29.

The play, written by Tanya Saracho, is a story about men and women from all walks of life who are brought together through the real-life event.
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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

I love my husband more than words can say. Seeing him happy makes me so happy. Without a doubt his favorite rocker is Eddie Vedder and his favorite sport to watch is hockey – specifically, the Detroit Red Wings. As he would say to anyone who questions his loyalty to the Wings…two words: Stanley Cup. Lot’s of ’em. So what a thrill it was to be with him last night as he got to experience them both together.

Pearl Jam is an amazing band to see live and I’m happy to say we’ve had the pleasure many, many times. Part of the appeal is not only the band but also the fans – everyone seems to be instant friends at every show which is pretty cool. We saw Vedder with The Who and on another occasion with Robert Plant (my all time favorite rocker) at the House of Blues – wow, those were spectacular shows. We were pleasantly surprised to see Vedder walk out onstage during a Springsteen concert at The United Center a few years ago (absolutely the highlight of that show even though he sang my least favorite Springsteen tune, “My Hometown”). But this was a rare Eddie Vedder solo tour and we were ecstatic to be at the closing night in Chicago.

We made it to our seats in the Auditorium Theatre about 10 minutes before Eddie Vedder hit the stage, just in time to see Chris Chelios walk out onto a balcony holding the Stanley Cup! The crowd went absolutely crazy. My first thought was “does he carry that thing around every where he goes?” and my second thought was “I want to touch it!” but unfortunately we were too far away.

Eddie Vedder was in top form, his voice and guitar playing perfect and his interaction with the crowd at times halarious. At one point he told a drunk heckler to shut the F-up, then said “That was impolite. I meant to say shut the F-up…please.” Later in the show he said he wasn’t going to get “too political” and then someone walked behind him on stage with a massive “Vote For Barack Obama” sign. Vedder wore a white lab coat, making him look either like a crazy scientist or the musical genius he is. Included in his song selection were many mainstream and deeper Pearl Jam songs, four Who covers and selections from his soundtrack to the 2007 film ”Into the Wild.” After the last encore he brought out “Into The Wild” director Sean Penn (who it turns out was singing backup onstage – I was too far away to realize it), opener Liam Finn, and many other people he credited with making his solo tour such a great success.

Excellent show. But the best part was seeing my husband smile nonstop for hours, from the time he saw the Stanley Cup until his head hit the pillow when we got home.

(There’s already video popping up on the internet from last night’s show)

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Natalia Avilez, NBC Street Team

Friday nights grand opening of NachtKabarett, a Painted lady productions, began with long legs, sexy corsets, strip teases, and a lot of hands-on action. As I was ushered to my chair by Tungston — a half-naked sexual demon who waited on me hand and foot — my back was sensually massaged, my wine was served, and the band enticed me with sounds of a Gypsy playoff.

As the crowd piled in to the full house at the Gorilla Tango theatre , director Miguel Nunez kept his cool, even when he had to give up his own seat for a member of the audience. The cast warmed up the crowd prior, during, and after the show by involving them in audience participation, including a magic show which left an unsuspecting audience member penniless. Throughout the entire show, I was seduced by the music, intoxicated by the wine, and well, turned on by the sexy ensemble of performers.

I sat front and center, where I was able to get up close and personal with a sexy cyclops , a virgin, a brother/sister duo, and by Hymen, the master of ceremonies who served as the guide and host of the night. As I traveled back in time into this cabaret/burlesque extravaganza, I let my imagination run wild, my inhibitions loose, and was left with my jaw open.

The final act left me with chills running down my spine, and before Oskar had a chance to turn the lights back on, the Gestapo forced the cast and I out into the streets and into Green Eye Lounge , for well-deserved celebratory drinks. This rated R , Michael Natoli production, brings you into the world of debauchery, deprivation, satirical comedy, sexy dances and “above all the art will stand out, even under the penalty of death” Miguel Nunez.

Gorilla Tango Theatre – Chicago

1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647


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