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Maureen Vana, NBC5 Street Team
Clog stomping, frost zombies, disappearing birthday cake, and a pair of Underoos had Chicago in stitches last Friday night.  The comedy troupe, Stella, are no novices to the instigation of laughter.  Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain have a lengthy history together of TV shows, appearances, tours, and movies to pad their reference material.

The sold out show at The Vic Theatre last weekend was a visual extravaganza of silliness.  Stella came equipped with an informative slide show on Christmas trees, a group effort at caroling, and a game of Zots and Crambles complete with crowd participation.  Of course, all the attempted projects of the night took off on a road of tangents ending in anything from dancing to doodie.

The evening came to a close with a special video skit of  Showalter’s birthday and an encore song comprised mostly of gibberish.  The video clearly highlighted what the trio does best and the performance was concluded with a roaring approval by the audience.

Season 1 of Stella is available on DVD and “Role Models”, co-written by David Wain, is in theaters now.  For more information on Stella visit: http://www.stellacomedy.com/

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