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Laura Lodewyck, NBC5 Street Team

New Yorkers aren’t the only ones who got turned away at the ”Sex and the City” premiere this week. The poor AMC employees this Tuesday looked like they wished they were wearing riot gear as they made a grim series of announcements to the mob of women: “At a certain point, the theatre will be filled! Not everyone will get in!”…”The line will be stopping soon! The theatre is almost filled!”…”Ok, the theatre is filled! Write your email on the back of your ticket!”… and my favorite, the plaintive, “It’s not AMC! It’s not AMC! We had NO control over issuing the tickets!”

At least the waiting in line was good for people-watching. I was hoping for at least a few entertaining Carrie dress-up wannabes, but no such luck. I have to say that as lovely as we Chicago ladies are, I certainly didn’t feel as glamorous as any of the SATC gals in my corduroys, struggling to devour a sandwich in time to enter the theatre (an epic sandwich battle is much more “30 Rock” than “Sex in the City”, anyway). In the end, my sandwich saga was for naught…no SATC for me! Oh well. The fact that I was denied just makes the need to see it all the greater. (Much like my irrational desire to get into the new exclusive club, the Lifebook Lounge. Apparently, you can only be admitted if you register for a personal development workshop by Lifebook. These members, according to their website, are among “the mysteriously uplifted”. Huh.)

Anyway, I’d imagine some people are tired of the SATC hype already.  “Sex and the City” is a bit like segways or golfing: you either get it, and you LOVE it; or, you just find it annoying. If you’re in the latter group… yes, there are other activities for you to do this weekend besides seeing the movie repeatedly, followed by a pathetic attempt to drink cosmopolitans AND walk in high heels (hey, it’s a tricky combination!)

For instance, surely everyone loves tap dancing, right? Of course you do! Come marvel at the tappers (tapmen? tap-people?) and celebrate National Tap Day at the Old Town School on May 31st. Then grab some München at Mayfest, this summer’s German festival at Lincoln Square. Not be confused with the similarly celebrated beer-drinking, brat-toting fest following the Von Stuben parade, Mayfest is summer’s partytime for German pride. Round out your multiculturalism by checking out the Chicago Turkish Festival at Daley Plaza, which features everything from baklava to carpet weaving to something called Mevlana’s Whirling Dervishes.

For your artistic and somewhat thirsty side, visit the newly-unveiled “Wall of Cups” at Lillstreet Art Center and Gallery in Ravenswood. The 40 completely functional ceramic mugs, which are created by artists from across the nation, are all for sale. Then feed that science-y side of your brain by visiting the Networld exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. The exhibit claims to take you inside the internet (presumably, minus the porn.)

End your weekend by relaxing at River North’s Scoozi with your pooch – dine outside with your dog, and even treat her to a special puppy meal off the canine menu.  Did you know that they make a special doggy chicken risotto?? Wow. Or, if you are pet-free, just take advantage of the free hot dogs at Full Shilling Public House in Wrigleyville during Cubs home games. Apparently, though, you have to wait for the “dancing hot dog man” to come by…ominous or awesome?? You decide.

If you’ve got suggestions on what I’ve missed for this weekend, write me at llodewyck@nudehippo.com. Be sure to type “Lodewyck” into the Search bar in the upper right hand corner to see my previous blogs and to watch my segments with Nude Hippo.


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