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Shlomi Rabi, NBC Chicago Street Team

Okay, so while we are all for incorporating a little bit of foreign influence in fashion, something about the pair of Dior fertility heels feels a wee bit…offensive? a crime? both? that sounds about right. The Senufo fertility figure, a revered form in traditional West African ceremonies, was taken out of its original context–a shrine, then molded, re-cast in brass, and glued to the heel of a zebra print sandal for skinny starlets to wear to an event with the hope of being discovered by a hot producer. Makes you wish you knew some real voodoo to exorcise the stupid out of designers. And as for all those bamboozled into buying these shoes–yes, they make you look fat.


To learn more about what Shlomi considers to be worthy of a “Girl, please” eye-roll, click here.


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