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Blagica, NBC Chicago Street Team

I’ve heard about this place in the local trade pubs for years – I didn’t think it would actually happen. Oh, but it did. Sebastien Bensidoun’s Chicago French Market opened last week and I spent my Saturday soaking in all of the vendors.

Take a little journey with me, would you?

A short trip on the Green line from the South Loop and the Clinton stop came in a flash. Michael and I walked the short half block to 131 N. Clinton and my heart started to thump. I miss the outdoor markets of Paris and couldn’t wait to see what was in store at the Market. I had a limited amount of time because my 34 week pregnant belly wouldn’t tolerate hours of standing.

The Market is one big ‘circle’, with vendors lining your walking path. From vegetables, flowers, cheese, meats, fish, crepes, breads, wines, soaps, handmade clothes and even Asian cuisine, the Chicago French Market has what you need to plan your weekly meals. We loaded up on fresh veggies and fruits at the fraction of grocery store prices. If you need a break, there are plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The crepe line was busy for the duration of our visit . No surprise – who doesn’t like a good banana/nutella crepe?

What impressed me the most was Sebastien Bensidoun, the gentleman whose family’s been creating markets in Paris and the States for years. He and his family were there for the weekend opening and didn’t hold back in getting their hands dirty. They were emptying trash, cleaning up tables and ensuring that the patrons had a nice experience at their market. I had the good fortune in meeting Sebastien and thanked him for creating a mini Paris for me in Chicago.

After picking up some flowers and saying hello to a few of the vendors we know, we were off. Another short Green line ride and I was home again – beginning my shopping list for next week’s French Market journey.

See you at the Market ! Oh, and hands off that loaf of bread, that one’s mine!:)

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