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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

I’m not much of a girly-girl. Shopping is torture. I’m up front and center at metal and rock concerts. I’ve gotten a manicure and pedicure three times in the last six years; I love Star Wars and Star Trek and really, any sci fi, and just cannot get into Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. I drink whiskey and beer and dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives and I hate pink.

But when it comes to Sex And The City, I am unabashedly, unapologetically in touch with my feminine side. Like Cara, my friends and I also made the Sunday rounds. We’d make pitchers of cosmos and chat away until the new episode started and then we would all shut up. Not a sound came out of us until it was over except for laughs, gasps, and a few sobs.

What is it about this show that resonates with so many women? For me it was never about the fashion (see the shopping comment). It was the first show whose female characters spoke to me and for me. As a 30-something single woman who refuses to settle just to be in a relationship I could relate to Carrie. As a person who abhors the limitations of gender-based roles yet recognizes the power of sex and sensuality, Samantha. As a mother who’s also focused on her career, Miranda, and as an optimist and a romantic, Charlotte. While each character has distinct personality traits, they’re also complex. There are many other pieces of myself that these women seem to capture eloquently, and every woman I know can find a bit of herself in them.

So, this afternoon a few of my friends and I are getting together. We’re getting all dolled up in dresses and high heels. I’m putting aside my aversion to pink and to sweet cocktails and drinking cosmos. We’ll see the movie and laugh and cry and drink more cosmos afterward as we relive it to the chagrin of any surrounding males (although if they’re smart they’ll listen to Jon. Men, this is a unique opportunity to get inside the head of a woman).

And then I’m heading to Reggie’s Rock Club to see a kick-ass band, drink beer and most likely have a shot of Jameson’s. I can only be a girly-girl for so long.

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Shlomi Rabi NBC5 Street Team

Okay, so let’s look at the evidence: long blond hair extensions, bitchin’ heels, fabulous couture and hordes of gorgeous men. No, my little soldiers of glamour, I am not talking about the SATC premiere that people will not stop blabbing about (and by “people” I mean hot, stunning people endowed with fierceness and shockingly good taste, so please, don’t aim that spiky heel at me). Rather, I am talking about the latest scandal to involve yet another closeted governor. *Sigh*… they never learn, do they? Now, before you all hurl your freshwater pearls at me, let me state that for the record I have no idea who that governor is, but if the past few years are anything to go by, he’s out there, he’s a gorgeous mess, and he’s partying with a tranny.

Okay, so since we do not know who the scandalous governor is I suggest we discuss–oh well, what the heck –the SATC Premiere! So, while this is a truly remarkable event for a squillion women worldwide, let us not forget all the loyal homosexymen who have been worshipping the show from its first episode, when Carrie had sex like a man, something many of the aforementioned homosexymen could relate to (ahem). Anyhoobie, from the sizzling men, to the bedazzled shoes, and to the deluge of cosmos, we’ve been there with Carrie (and Samantha, we have definitely been there with Samantha, lots of times). We, too, have learned our lessons through the iconic show (did I just say “iconic”? Holy Cher! Damn, did I just “Holy Cher”? What the Fierce? “Fierce”?!?! I can’t control it!) and all of its fabulous characters. And perhaps, most of all (pulls out Hermes handkerchief, pure silk, anchor & rope motif, vintage, very rare), we too, (sniff, sniff) have learned that the most important thing in life, (sniff), is finding a guy who goes by the name “Big.” Just ask your average governor.

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