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Natalia Avilez, NBC Chicago Street Team

Like  the many Americans that were not able to make their way to D.C. yesterday,  I made sure I was in front of the TV,  Internet, and on Facebook by noon to witness the inauguration of our new President Barack Obama! After witnessing such an inspirational speech, I could  not wait to  join the  Chicago Hispanic professional community and celebrate such a historical event at the Presidential Inauguration Celebration at Rumba Restaurant.

Alfonso Barrera, Jose Cruz, Mark Flores

Alfonso Barrera, Jose Cruz, Mark Flores

As we toasted in honor of our new President Barack Obama, one of the hosts, Alfonso Barrera, told me the event was a way to celebrate the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and bring the Latino community together to  shed some light on some of the issues that many Latinos face — including immigration reform.

But it all wasn’t such serious stuff. Prizes were raffled off,  people started dancing, and fun was had by all. After attending my first Presidential Inauguration Celebration,I could not help but sense the pride and hope that President Barack Obama has instilled in myself and in the Chicago Latino Community.

For those of you that are interested in more information on these organizations or  participating in any future events such as this one check out HispanicPro.com , and  Immigration PAC.

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