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Natalia Avilez, NBC Street Team

That’s what Geoff Johns told me the night I began to write about my experience at Wizard World Chicago 2008, and after attending the convention I have to agree. Being a female and walking into the modern age of comics a little late into the game, I thought my brain was going to overload with information. I didn’t know where to start, what to expect, or what I would see.
Natalia's Slideshow - Image From Nikola Ranguelov
As I stepped foot onto the convention center floor, looked over the abyss of comics, and into the sea of fan boys and girls, I was greeted by a 7-foot-tall Incredible Hulk, swept off my feet by Spider-Man, teased by devilish pin-up girls, and surrounded by a bunch of Jokers. I felt like it was Halloween and my little bag of goodies was being bombarded with free materials including comics, stickers, and toys. I raced around to the different vendors, publishing companies, and panels, trying to soak up as much information as I could. I was tugged at from every corner by artists, fans, creators and celebrities, including Lou Ferrigno, the Iron Sheik, Cousin Itt, and special effects master Robert Kurtzman, who caught me off guard for an on camera interview.

Slideshow: Wizard World 2008

For myself, all the magic happened at night, when I was able to learn more about the industry and mingle with the faces behind the comics, such as Top Cow’s Marc Silverstri, DC’s Geoff Johns, Jim Valentino , Batman Gotham Knight’s ,Brian Azzarello, and Greg Rucka, The Heroe Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin, and special guest and artist Dennis Calero. Those creative minds, such as myself, who landed into the comic world either on purpose or by accident, who followed their dreams, and made a name for themselves. As I immersed myself into the modern age of comics, I felt the excitement and energy seep from the hearts and eyes of fans realizing that this was more than just toys and comics.

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