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Hungry Z, NBC Chicago Street Team

So you’re out bowling with your buddies and suddenly your stomach starts growling. What do you do? You go to the snack bar and get some nachos or an overpriced bad piece of pizza, right? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy chips and manufactured cheese as much as the next guy, but what if there was something better? What if there was a place that offered bowling, bocce, real food, and didn’t smell like a bowling alley? This place does exist and it’s called Pinstripes.

Upon arrival you make a choice if you want to sit in the dining room and eat, bowl and eat, or play bocce and eat. Yup, they will serve you anything off the menu even if you’re bowling. I decided to sit down and eat before knocking down a few pins. My guest and I decided we were going to enjoy simple comfort food, so we started off with the fried mozzarella. It’s simple but satisfying.

For main courses we decide on the baby back ribs and the prime rib dip.
The full slab of ribs are tender and features a tangy barbeque sauce with just a hint of citrus behind it. The Prime rib dip is like a French dip, but better! Tender sliced prime rib is served on an awesome pretzel roll with a side of au jus and is sooo much better than that stale slice of pizza you get at your local bowling alley.

Desserts were admittedly a disappointment. The warm cookies and milk look amazing, smell great, but only taste ok. Reason being that they are not fresh baked cookies, but rather warmed up cookies that start soft and eventually end up hard. The other disappointment was the lemon and orange sorbet. Served inside their own shells, these normally refreshing treats had the distinct flavor of freezer burn.

After dinner it was time to partake in some of the swankiest bowling around. Flat screen TV’s replace the old boob tubes, leather couches replace hard plastic chairs, and smooth R&B replaces the usual top 40 playing at most alleys. This is almost too nice to bring your buddies to!

Dinner for two will run about $40-50 depending on your choices and bowling runs $7 a game in the evenings. A bit pricey if you’re with your with pals but not too bad if you’re on a date. Food alone warrants ** and ¼ but factor in the ultra cool music, bocce, and bowling and Pinstripes deserves *** out of ****.

100 West Higgins
South Barrington, IL 60010

1150 Willow Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062

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Hungry Z, NBC5 Street Team
Hit the weights, do a little cardio, take a shower, and then go home right? Wrong, you need to refuel after your workout. Sure you could grab a smoothie or a protein bar, but doesn’t some real food sound good? While most health clubs offer a smoothie bar, the East Bank Club offers a real restaurant with a full menu! Named after the club’s first Executive Director, Max Davidson, Maxwell’s at the club offer’s real food to both members and guests.

Worried about sabotaging your workout with excess carbs, fat, and calories? Select items have nutritional information printed directly on the menu to help keep you on track. Those with high metabolisms or without regard to calories will take comfort with the rest of the menu.

Regardless of calories, the seared crab cake offers big lumps of crab and a healthy dose of protein. Salads can be a healthy option after working up a sweat. Choose the classic wedge and you get cool crisp iceberg, tomato, cucumber, and some blue cheese dressing that adds flavor and not much else.maxwellfilet

Experts recommend people consume protein within 1 hour of their workout. The king of protein is steak, Maxwell’s serves up an above average filet topped with tasty crusts such as parmesan garlic. The specialty of the house is the baby back ribs, and in truth are a bit of a mixed bag. Meaty ribs are covered in a sweet and thick barbeque sauce, but are definitely oven baked and slightly tough.

A good workout deserves some sweet indulgence. Choose the creamy vanilla ice cream, rolled in toasted coconut, and served with a side of warm chocolate sauce for a sweet ending. Choose the slightly dry pumpkin cheesecake and you may wish you saved the calories.maxwellicecream

Excellent service can make even the most average of meals enjoyable. Service at Maxwell’s is friendly, honest, and very personable. Dinner for two will run about $80, which puts it below the high end spectrum. Overall Maxwell’s offers above average food and quality service for an above average price.

Location: 500 N. Kingsbury (P) 312-527-5800

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Review: Barnaby’s

Hungry Z, NBC5 Street Team

Chicagoland is known for its deep dish and stuffed pizza. But man cannot live on deep dish alone, trust me I’ve tried. So for days when you crave something a little different, there are some thin crust places that are still worthy of being called Chicago style pizza. One such place is “Barnaby’s”, an English Pub type place that’s been around since 1968.

Inside, you’ll notice that they have no windows looking to the outside world. That means this is quite possibly the darkest restaurant you’ll ever encounter. Step outside and you feel like your eyes have been dilated! Nevertheless, the atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable, and family friendly. When you’re ready to order, simply walk up to the counter and let them know what strikes your fancy. Then park yourself in one of the wooden booths and wait for your number to be called.

Tonight’s menu starts off with mozzarella sticks and garlic bread, and leads up to a  ½ slab of ribs, ½ pound pub burger, and a large pepperoni pizza. The garlic bread and mozzarella sticks are out first, and it’s a mixed bag. The mozzarella sticks are served piping hot and encased in a wonderful crunchy coating that doesn’t fall apart the minute you bite into them. The “garlic” bread on the other hand should be sued for false advertising. Why? Because there was no garlic flavor! A more apt description would be buttered toast.

Our dinner number is called and we can’t wait to dig in. I sample the burger first, and it’s a 1/2 pound of juicy beef that is nestled on a warm buttery bun. Toppings were fresh and the bun was soft and warm, but the meat was a little bland. A dash of salt and pepper would have kicked this burger up a notch. Ribs are next and they were a nice surprise. The ribs were fall off the bone tender and slathered in a peppery barbeque sauce. Pizza is the main attraction here and it doesn’t disappoint. When it comes to pizza, deep dish or thin, crust is king. Unlike many thin pizzas where the crust is floppy, this one is sturdy, crunchy, and delicious. The slightly thicker crust is dusted with cornmeal and is the perfect vehicle to hold the high quality toppings.

Want dessert? Well than you can get an ice cream bar from the cooler because they don’t make any. Final bill including pitchers of pop was about $45. Overall “Barnaby’s” offers good food, relaxed atmosphere, all at a good price.
636 E Touhy Av
Des Plaines, IL 60018
                                                         7650 N Caldwell Ave
                                                         Niles, IL 60714
933 W Rand Rd
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
                                                           134 W Golf Rd
                                                           Schaumburg, IL 60195
960 Skokie Blvd
Northbrook, IL 60062
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