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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team
If you have been checking out my last few posts, you may notice a theme… Live music and The Joynt. I moved here a year ago from Austin, TX (also known as the live music capital of the world) and maybe that has a little something to do with my love for live music. And undoubtedly, my love for dance, draws me to The Joynt. Now, I can break it down with the rest of them to a hot DJ (like Tim Spinnin’ Schommer that is guest DJ-ing tonight) but there is just something about a live performance. You know what I’m talking about. That sizzle in the air. The energy.

Jacqui Horton is my friend. And we became friends from me hearing her sing, totally falling in love with her as a person, and then asking her if she would like to be my friend. (She said “yes”.) Jacqui loves people, loves life and has a beautiful heart! I feel it when I talk to her, and I DEFINITELY feel it when she sings! I tell people she gives me goosebumps… and she does.

I shot this video at The Joynt last Saturday to give you a little taste of what you may not even know you are missing in your life! I make no apologies about the video, save this… There WERE a lot of people dancing around me… AND I was in heels. So cut me some slack on the shooting, eh?

This group of musicians work incredibly well together and as you can see, the crowd loves every second of it! Like any live performance, a recording isn’t quit the same as actually feeling the energy of the room. Luckily for you, you can check out the real deal on Saturday nights at The Joynt! You will have a good time because “We’re gonna boogie-oogie-oogie ’til we just can’t boogie NO MORE!

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Dave Leonard, NBC5 Street Team, (Video)

From the moment I met this soul diva back in high school, I knew she had a voice sent from heaven.  Rhythm & Blues runs through her blood (literally) and you can hear it in every lyric and every note she delivers.  She’s had three major album releases, which in this day and age of the music business is rare…most artists get one shot.  She’s hit three in a row…So why is Syleena Johnson “R&B’s Best Kept Secret”??? Well, the secret is finally out.

Chi-town’s own soul siren is “delivering” another chapter in the book of Syleena with her fourth album release, “Chapter 4: Labor Pains” set to hit retail and online distributors on September 2nd, 2008, the day after Labor Day.  There is more significance and irony to the title because the release date is also Syleena’s “born day” and like her previous releases, the inspiration for the album is drawn from life experiences such as becoming a wife and a mother over the past year.

In this day of digital downloading and decreasing album sales, this album is even more of a “labor of love” since this is Syleena’s foray into the independent route.  She recently launched her own label Aneelys Records (Syleena spelled “Backwards”) which came via an exclusive worldwide distribution deal through Federal/Universal Music Group.  Instead of having a major machine with the major marketing dollars, all the risks and hard work will be taken on by Syleena and her “A-Team”.

Syleena kept the production in-house (so to speak) by enlisting hometown producer Toxic for her amazing lead single, “It Is True” which is now getting rotation at Urban AC radio outlets.  This heavenly ballad professes Syleena’s true love for her new family in a beautiful and compelling way.  The listener will get drawn in from the opening angellic harps backing Syleena’s sultry voice as she weaves a tale about “girl meets boy”, they fall in love, and grow old together. 

Although a lot of Syleena’s music deals with the pains and struggles of women, one continuous message throughout her music and everyday life is the strength she gets from God.  “Labor Pains” I’m sure will be no different in that regard.

As always, support your local artists and make sure you check out “Labor Pains” when it drops.  Real Rhythm & Blues is coming back!


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