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Reggie Brown, NBC5 Street Team This time of year in Chicago is always a bit daunting. The days are cold and grey, quickly turning to night and people are desperately searching for an escape to a sunny destination. DJ Papa G is a man on a mission to bring the warmth and essence of the islands to Chicago, uniting people through the power and positivity of reggae music. I had a chance to catch up with G at his new Sunday night residency at Sonotheque.l_7956c46b16eeed32695b11a45e558d741

Born in Ecuador  in 1974, Papa G moved to the US in 1976 at the age of 2 and was raised on the north side of Chicago. Growing up in a city with such a soulful depth of music, G was surrounded by blues, jazz and a myriad of other genres that ultimately led him to discover his love of reggae music.

It wasn’t until 1997 while working at UCSB’s campus station KCSB 91.9 FM that G decided that he would begin to share his reggae collection with the world. After an overwhelming reception from listeners, G’s following began to flourish. A few years later in 1999, G moved back to his hometown Chicago and since has been tirelessly steadfast on his duty to “Awaken the sleeping giant of reggae here”. Being no stranger to the Chicago nightlife scene, G possesses an impressive resume performing at over 30 of Chicago’s clubs and bars including The Wild hare, Exedus II, Subterranean, Funky Buddha and a slew of others, G is known as one of the premier reggae DJs in Chicago.  G has shared the stage, mixing with some of reggae’s best known artists: Junior Reid, Morgan Heritage, Beenie Man, and Third World to name a few.

l_0e4a9cc2e9494e7fb8982fcce76f64871Being a huge fan of reggae music, it’s hard to find a place where the DJ isn’t just throwing together a mix of music under the genre of reggae but actually creating an energy and vibe that even pulls wallflowers to the dance floor. Papa G’s mastery of signal flow, mixing and blending music is truly a testament to his love and dedication to reggae, his personal philosophy and lifestyle based on Rastafarian beliefs.

Whether you’re looking for that in town island escape or just simply want to immerse yourself in the essence of Jamaica, head over to Sonotheque for Reggae Sundays with Papa G.

With free cover and drinks specials like $3 Red Stripe bottles and $5 for a Red Stripe with a shot of Sailor Jerry Rum, Sonotheque is adding to the good love vibe.

Sonotheque 1444 W Chicago Ave.

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