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On Tuesday night black and white come together as the Chicago White Sox will host “Chicago Blackhawks Night,” the signature event in the partnership between the Major League Baseball team and the Blackhawks of the NHL. I’ll be attending the festivities tomorrow night as the Sox fittingly take on the team (the Toronto Blue Jays) from the city where the Hockey Hall of Fame is. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of interesting post-game/event material to write about too. This night game, broadcasted on Comcast Sports Net, will feature special promotions before, during and after including: a pre-game party and parade for Blackhawks season ticket holders (more than a 1,000 of which purchased tickets to the game through a unique cross-promotion collaborated by both teams’ marketing departments) appearances by Blackhawks players and legends, a special outdoor television broadcast by White Sox announcers Ken Harrelson and Darrin Jackson from the Fan Deck above center field, and a rare mid-week post-game fireworks show.

The Hawks front office released this statement. “The Blackhawks are appreciative of the unique opportunity to showcase our product to White Sox fans,” said Jay Blunk, Blackhawks senior vice president of business operations. “The marriage of both brands creates a very unique template for cross promotion and marketing which we hope to maintain for years to come. The White Sox event and relationship is one more step in making the Chicago Blackhawks brand accessible 12 months a year.”

The Sox front office is excited too. “We are excited about Blackhawks Night at the ballpark,” said Brooks Boyer, White Sox vice president and chief marketing officer. “The Hawks and Sox are a perfect match in Chicago sports. With similar fan bases and visions, this partnership has been exceptionally successful in bringing two legendary Chicago sports brands together.”

I think I’ll have a wing-ding of a time! Get it? “wing-ding” like the hockey player position! Thanks I’ll be here all week.

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