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Natalia “Bat Girl” Avilez, NBC Chicago Street Team

What started out as a friendly trip to New York Comic Con with my friend Rachelle Rosenberg,  illustrator for  Image Comics newly released Jersey Gods turned into a weekend of information, conversation,and a reunion with old and new comic friends.

I know what many of you are thinking, a comic convention? That’s just a geek-a-thon!

Rachelle Rosenberg signs copy of Jersey Gods for fan

Rachelle Rosenberg signs copy of Jersey Gods for fan

Well,  if you sit back and think about it, are comics really for nerds? With the Modern age of Comics upon us and the success of comic-based movies such as the Dark Knight and the perennial bestselling graphic novel Watchmen, comics are no longer  uncool. Breaking its way into mainstream society, this once neglected genre has taken popular culture by storm. Comics have not only spun its web around  Hollywood  but has also influenced the fashion and music industry.

So what did three days of my geek-a-thon teach me? Well,  I learned about many of the challenges and changes within the industry, including the influence that the economy has had on consumers buying habits. As a result of this Aspen comics is  offering its fans an opportunity to purchase their upcoming release ,Dellec, 50 cents lower than its other publications.   I learned about the rise of electronic comics including webcomics and Uclick, and last but not least   I  learned that Run DMC wants to be Spider-man.  Well sort of,  Run DMC announced the release of the Public Enemy comic series coming out this Fall.

nycc-0291As I made my way through the shoulder to shoulder traffic of storm troopers, and out of the Javits Center, I could not help but  purchase my first comic,  Amazing Spiderman meets Barack Obama! So whether you  are a fan-boy or girl, a politician, or a musician,  there is a little bit of  geek in all of us. For those of you that missed out hang tight!  Creators of the NYCC are  planning to launch the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, at the McCormick center in April of 2010.<

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Maureen Vana, NBC5 Street Team

Last weekend thousands braved rain, humidity, and sloppy terrain to take part in Pitchfork’s annual music festival. Over 30 bands graced 3 stages complete with artists ranging from hip hop legends Public Enemy to Japanese experimentalists Boris. Along with hours of music the fest included an abundance of food, activities, and DIY artwork from a wide variety of vendors. For the total Pitchfork wrap-up and huge photo galleries by Playboy.com photo editor James Trevenen and myself, head over to our editorial feature in the arts and entertainment section on Playboy.com.

See photos from Pitchfork Music Festival

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