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A Very Good EnGAGEment

Shlomi Rabi NBC5 Street Team

Put yourself in my shoes: I wake up one morning, the furniture around is vandalized, the paintings are shredded, the cats are missing, the windows are broken, the fridge door is left open to reveal a decapitated horse’s head, dead fish are lined in a pentagram, and the red inscription on the wall reads “You’re Next Bitch!” I leap out of bed, a million thoughts ricocheting in my head, panicking, covered in cold sweat I run around the house screaming: “Oh No! This can’t be!!! I couldn’t have missed Project Runway last night!!!” Only to remember soon thereafter it was a recap episode. *Sigh*… That was a close one. I’m ready to brush my teeth and start my day.

The day only got better, if you can believe it, and if for no other reason then because I got to go to Dirk Flanigan’s The Gage at night. It was Shahron’s birthday and I promised him I’d take him to the best new venue in town. Hot damn, did I deliver. The ambience was sophisticated and relaxed (think Tim Gunn meets Stacy London), the menu was as varied as Michael Kors’ plethora of mystique tan shades, and the wine was as delicious as Rami Kashou. Shahron and I shared the mussels (chosen as the Best in Town by every publication in town) which left us wishing we could marry them. Shahron then had The Gage burger, wishing he could divorce the mussels and wed the beef instead (no pun intended.) I had the seared Hawaiian tuna, which had me wishing I could practice polygamy and marry both my mussels and fish. The dessert was nothing short of amazing and could not be topped. I was ready to go home, gently shove aside the smashed disco ball, and go to bed.


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