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Laura Lodewyck, NBC5 Street Team

Shed your saintly skin and indulge in some decadence as you celebrate A Night of 7 Deadly Sins this Saturday at 10:00 pm.

 For one night, the fabulous John Fluevog shoe store (1539 N. Milwaukee) will be transformed into Dante’s Inferno, with 7 stations of sin. Everyone is encouraged to come dressed as their “favorite sin”.  In addition to a surprise guest DJ, highlights of the night will include a lusty 7-Minutes in Heaven Auction, featuring local actress/hottie Nilsa Reyna, as well as performances by Johnny Rivers & The Ripettes Burlesque Review. Prizes will be awarded for the winners of the costume (pride?) and pizza eating (gluttony?) contests.

The first 100 reservations receive a gift certificate to AKIRA, so email dramaqueen_2281@hotmail.com

  ASAP! Dress in costume for a discounted ticket rate of $20, or come-as-you-are with a $30 ticket that includes decadent food, sinful beverages, contests, auctions, and plenty of entertainment. Visit the event website at going.com/7deadlysins.
All proceeds will benefit Chicago Fusion Theatre as they celebrate the closing night of their production of bobrauschenbergamerica, which has been hailed by critics as “…satisfyingly bizarre and frenetically entertaining… a ninety-minute whirlwind of love, loss, sex and art…” The cast of the show will make an appearance, and the evening also includes a local artists’ silent auction featuring interpretations of the late Robert Rauschenberg’s work.

If you’ve got any suggestions for weird and wonderful events that you shouldn’t miss this weekend, write me at llodewyck@nudehippo.com. Be sure to type “Lodewyck” into the Search bar in the upper right hand corner to see my previous blogs, and to watch my segments with Nude Hippo.

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

As I was finishing up some filming today for the Mackinac Race at the end of Navy Pier, Samson (my dog) and I passed a beautiful ship that we had to explore.

Dave Castle was kind enough to talk with me about the history of the ship, its background and how people can get involved. Being a guest crew member seems to be a wonderful way to “get away” on the open water.

From the Web site:

Maryland’s PRIDE is a reproduction of an 1812-era Baltimore Clipper privateer. She is Maryland’s working symbol of the great natural resources and spectacular beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region. Her mission is threefold:

  • to promote Maryland trade and tourism
  • to represent the goodwill of all Maryland’s citizens
  • to provide a unique education platform via onboard programs and the Internet for American history and maritime sciences.

  • Pride of Baltimore II from Jen Knoedl on Vimeo.

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Shlomi Rabi, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

Face it, there is just not enough time. And you can forget about trying to tell me that it’s all about being efficient and productive and blah blah blah. Nope. It won’t happen. It can’t. A wise man once said that “it is not the things that I have done that I regret, but the things I would have done had I been invited to the Stoli Gay Prom at the Hilton Towers”, and he was right. Let that be a lesson to you, so that the next time that Chicago kicks off Pride Month with a (oh, i’ll just say it-) bang, you better be a part of it. And here is why.

The event was being held at one of the Hilton’s best spaces- the ballroom. Only a Louis XIV ballroom could contain Chicago’s best, hottest, and funnestest. And me. (A big shoutout to the amazing Brook Jay from All Terrain and Marcus “bangbang” Riley for making it happen). While waiting in the drinking line took a bit at first, it provided a great opportunity to look around and absorb the effort and time that went into putting it all together.

Slideshow: Stoli Prom

The music — from Gun Julie Brown to Sixteen Candles–was all that needed (well, combine that with about a gallon of Stoli per person) to get everyone up and dancing. One girl in particular was really feeling the music. A lot. (But I mean, like, a LOT. Like, we were all- ‘wow, she’s feeling that one, for sure’, but I digress). At the end of the night Vanity Fair and Nick Damptz (see slideshow) won Prom Queen and, well, Queen. But it didn’t matter who won. Like a wise man once said “you may have lost the battle, just not the skinny straw to stir your drink.” Good times.

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