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Glenn Murray, NBC5 Street Team

Jennifer Cooper calls her form of artistic expression a “Creative Diversion” it doesn’t come in the form of music, spoken word, or even dance. Jennifer’s “thing” is photography. She would describe her style as abstract, at times. There’s not one particular area that Jennifer favors. She photographs nature as well as people, but she wants there to be more that peopel get out of her work. Jennifer wants people to look at her photos and wonder about what was going on right before she took it; not just the standard “oh that’s pretty”, but genuine emotion, similar to emotion that comes from listening to a favorite song.

"Abstract Thoughts"

"Abstract Thoughts"

Taking pictures for over 20 years. The things that got her started were seeing her father with his fancy camera taking all kinds of pictures of the family when they were growing up. She has photographed CD Covers, Brochures and even had few pieces published.



Jennifer never really thought about taking photography seriously, but the signs encouraging her were hard to ignore.Experience her work and her “Creative Diversions”.

View More Works By Jennifer Cooper at  www.kreationsart.com.

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Maureen Vana, NBC Chicago Street Team

Put on a mask , splash some fake blood behind your ears, and get ready for a good time. Whether you’re into the music or not, it’s undeniable that Slipknot will give you something to raise an eyebrow at. The Allstate Arena played host to the band along side openers Trivium and Coheed and Cambria last Friday night. 

Click here to read the rest of this post and view photos from the concert on nbcchicago.com.

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Fayth aka Relaxocat, NBC5 Street Team

Last week, I happened to meet Nicholas Freeman, Executive Director of the Finch Gallery. The conversation didn’t begin with talk of art or his gallery, but rather friends, L.A., and some clubs. Later, it came up that his gallery has an opening this week. What came of that chat was my introduction to the photographer, Karen Hoyt, and now I’m pleased to introduce her to you.

Some cultures believe that a photograph captures one’s “spirit”, thus some believers do not allow photos to be taken of them. Others believe that the best photographers have the ability to capture a subject’s spirit in a meaningful, insightful way. It is the photographer’s eye and sensitivity that best captures those images. Karen Hoyt definitely possesses the qualities of both vision and sensitivity and you can see that in the images she produces. On Sept. 19-20 the Finch Gallery will be hosting opening receptions for “Presidents of the United States”, a photographic exhibit of Karen Hoyt’s photographic work.

This body of work has been captured on film, not digitally, which is quickly becoming a lost art. The portraits are photographed candidly in the city, depicting urban African Americans in urban life. Also, Karen’s show is accompanied by a catalogue//book of the same title, and co-authored with John Gossage, a renowned photographer known for his books and photographs on urban environments.

Karen Hoyt’s work will be on display from Sept. 19th to October 25th, with opening receptions this Friday and Saturday from 6-11 p.m. Join me there on Friday, or see the work at your own leisure, but definitely see it.

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Maureen Vana, NBC5 Street Team

Last weekend thousands braved rain, humidity, and sloppy terrain to take part in Pitchfork’s annual music festival. Over 30 bands graced 3 stages complete with artists ranging from hip hop legends Public Enemy to Japanese experimentalists Boris. Along with hours of music the fest included an abundance of food, activities, and DIY artwork from a wide variety of vendors. For the total Pitchfork wrap-up and huge photo galleries by Playboy.com photo editor James Trevenen and myself, head over to our editorial feature in the arts and entertainment section on Playboy.com.

See photos from Pitchfork Music Festival

See Full Pitchfork Galleries and Coverage on Playboy.com Editorial

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Maureen Vana, NBC5 Street Tea

Reckless Road combines stunning visuals, heartfelt text, and enhanced audio and video to become the ultimate scrapbook for the ultimate Guns N’ Roses fan. Photographer and long time friend of the band Marc Canter takes readers on a 348 page journey into the roots of one of the most explosive bands to grace the Sunset Strip. Through ticket stubs, candid photos, sketches, set lists, and much more Reckless grants an exclusive backstage pass to witness the birth of rock and roll success.

With this documentary readers are allowed to travel back in time with the author’s excerpts from his experiences with the band. His devoted friendship with Slash and genuine love to see the ones he cares about thrive offers a closeness no other book could. Elements such as Marc’s liner notes on who drew what graphic on a flyer, photographs from basement shows, and discussions of early band rivalries shows a human side to success that is both accessible and comforting.

Reckless Road has something to appeal to anyone with a love for Guns N’ Roses, a love for music, a love for photography, or just a love of a good documentary. The book also extends from the printed page with audio and video provided through http://www.enhancedbooks.com. Each edition comes with an exclusive pass code that allows the owner to access video and audio from shows, interviews, and other behind the scenes material. The book is priced at $29.95book.jpg and is also available in 5 limited edition covers for $39.95 at http://www.recklessroad.com. As both a Guns N’ Roses fan and concert photographer I can only pose one objection in saying; Where’s the hardcover?!

Favorite Quote: in the acknowledgement section Marc thanks his parents “for allowing me to use their station wagon to lug around Slash’s equipment in 1983 for late night rehearsing until 3 am”

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