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Blagica S, Bottigliero, NBC5 Street Team (Video)

A Sunday afternoon surrounded by newspapers, magazines and a cup o’ coffee is my idea of a good time. With today’s weather in the 60s, my South Loop balcony was THE place to be.  Strewn before me was April’s edition of Business Week Chicago and last week’s 30th Anniversary edition of Crain’s Chicago Business. I was set for a few good hours of reading.

First, I read an article on the demise of the Chicago Sun-Times. Makes me so sad to see such an historic newspaper, which catapulted the careers of Roger Ebert and Mike Royko, spiral down to the state it’s in today. Did you know that the Sun-Times unveiled the Hired Truck Scandal? From a local perspective, The Sun-Times IS known as being the deep diving, hard hitting local reporting that Chicago deserves (sorry, Tribune, but it’s true). The math is simple. The less staff you have, the less investigative reporting you can do. 

I was happy to see a former Sun-Times staff writer, Howard Wolinsky, appear in my Business Week magazine! Wolinsky wrote an article about me and some start-up counterparts in a 2007 article about the new Web 2.0 companies in Chicago.  Howard left his job at the Sun-Times and wrote a piece about his experience here.  Don’t feel bad for Wolinsky, he’s doing very well freelancing and wrote a terrific piece on the ins and outs of David Axelrod in Chicago’s Business Week. Didya know that Axelrod has two consulting companies and that one of them is set up to make the public think a different way about a company? Think ComEd rate  hike and Children’s Museum issue. That’s right, big companies/entities pay Axelrod’s firm to make commercials about a topic, then show you a ‘community group’ that sponsored the commercial…when it’s actually the company that hired Axelrod and launched a new ‘organization’ per Axelrod’s recommendations.  Ohhh..k.

Next, I went on to the world of Chicago’s stellar unions. It looks like a well known Union leader is taking some heat for how he determines who drives trucks around when Hollywood is shooting in Chicago.  Crain’s Chicago columnist Greg Hinz always puts a smile on my news loving face.

And so goes another week in Chicago….:)

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Cara “Cara’s Basement” Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

First, I have to mention that it’s quite an honor to join the NBC5 Street Team! I really dig interviewing entertainers of all types and I’m absolutely thrilled to do it for you here.

Lee Camp

Recently, comedian Lee Camp was invited by Fox News to appear as a “left wing” comedian vs. a “right wing” comedian. Everything went fine until he surprisingly spoke his mind after the segment ended…watch what he did on youtube. You’ll also hear the clip in the beginning and again at the end of this podcast. It’s one of those rare unexpected live TV moments that really made me laugh.

In our conversation he explains why he said what he said and why it wasn’t a planned move to boost his career (burning bridges isn’t exactly a great idea for an up & coming comedian).

Here’s my conversation with Lee Camp from my podcast Cara’s Basement: (more…)

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