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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Some of the same reasons that I moved to Chicago are the same reasons that I think it would be pretty sweet to have the 2016 Olympics here! And Millennium Park is one of my most favorite things EVER!

What do YOU love about Chicago?

Videography by Courtney Hannibal.

See more video at JenChicago.com

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

After being in this city for two months, it was getting to be that time… Haircut time.

It can be scary letting someone new cut my locks so I did my research and found a place with great online reviews. Natural Elements Salon. The building is pretty. The staff is pretty and I left pretty happy about my new do’.

PS: My stylist’s name is Alexis and I think she rocks!
PSS: Thank you for filming Roya!

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

So Chicago and ME kinda got this whole love thing going on… and when the Chicago 2016 Organization asked me to be a part of bringing the Olympics to My Love, I jumped at the chance! After all, Chicago’s Sweetheart WOULD be incredibly supportive, yes? Yes. (You’re so smart.)

Therefore, expect to see a whole lotta Olympic chatter coming outta JenChicago! Granted, I just moved here, but it sounds like a big ol’ party if you ask me… and well… I sho’ do like a good party!

‘Cause there ain’t no city like this Midwest city, ’cause this Midwest city don’t stop!

Anyhow, there were some crazy-smart and influential Chicago social media peeps in attendance INCLUDING some of my fellow NBC5 Street Teamers, like The Local Tourist and Blagica Bottigliero! (Woot-Woot!) We all had some very authentic discussions about the impact of the Olympics and I am extremely anxious to see how we, as a community, will invite the world over for some fun in the Chicago sun!

So, get out your megaphone and pom-poms! We’re gonna need your help.

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Sunday, August 10th at Toyota Park, the Chicago Machine took on the Rochester Rattlers. There was food, beer, fans, kids and lacrosse sticks as far as the eye could see. (Okay, maybe not that far, but a lot of kids had ’em!)

Lacrosse seems to be a mix of football, baseball, hockey and maybe even a little wrestling (or wrastlin’ as we like to say in the South). In any case, expect to walk away with a few grass burns.

All and all, watching ANY team with “Chicago” in the name is a rockin’ way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

…and cheering along the Chicago Machine was no exception.

Go Chicago Machine! Go!

More videos and fun at JenChicago.com!

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team
AKIRA just opened it’s newest location in Lincoln Park and had a big ol’ party to kick things off! There was a DJ, food, drinks, chocolate, shopping, manicures, makeovers, a fashion show and, of course, a bachelor auction featuring the Chicago Machine Lacrosse Team.

And in the words of the great and wise, Cyndi Lauper,

Girls just wanna have fun!

…and “have fun” we DID!

PS: This video has cute “Chicago Machine Lacrosse Team bare man chest” on the latter end, so…

Hey… I don’t make the news, I just report it.

Credit: Sudana Irby, videographer

Find more on JenChicago.com

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Kim Katz, NBC5 Street Team 

I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago covering the CineVegas Film Festival, just chillin’ by the Luxor  pool  and chewing my nails over which celebrity I could get to appear on my new BuzzNews.TV show, when I got the call from my editor that an email had arrived for me in our general mailbox from Kevin Costner . Kevin actually remembered a positive review that I had given him and his band last year, and was inviting me to attend his upcoming concert in Chicago. Kevin and his band, Modern West, are a top notch group of musicians who play a pleasing blend of original  country/rock with a little bluegrass feel to it, and they totally rocked the House of Blues last week. 

"The Greenroom with Kim Katz" and guest Kevin Costner.

"The Greenroom with Kim Katz" and guest Kevin Costner.

It was kind of surreal when I  walked into the soundcheck with Kevin Costner onstage singing. I tried to keep cool as he came down and introduced me to his friends as a person whose writing he admired. Hey, my  best buddy and editor, Ken Payne, was there and was blown away too, so it’s not just a girl thing.

Kevin then gave my show “The Greenroom with Kim Katz” a really thoughtful exclusive interview about his music and band which you can watch below.

If you are a big Costner fan and  you want to see the whole interview complete with hugs and kisses (MEOW!) and read what I wrote about his concert in detail and his new political comedy “Swing Vote”  which opens August 1,  check out my regular column “The Katz Meow” in Buzz Magazine at www.BuzzNews.Net and the full length video on www.BuzzNews.TV.

The  House of Blues concert was really energetic and fun, with the entire audience standing , dancing and cheering pretty much the entire time. I brought my mom along  and to have a super nice superstar like Kevin Costner give her a hug at the after-party  was absolutely a dream come true. I tell you this to give you an idea of how gentlemanly Kevin is for real, and ladies, if you are wondering how he looks in person — he is tanned, TALL  and hot, hot, hot. 

I’m  proud to be an NBC5 Street Team member so honk if you were at the concert -and be sure to leave me some feedback here, I’d love to purr about the night with some  rockin’ loyal Costner fans! 

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Marcus Riley, NBC5 Street Team (video)

Just a quick note before we head over to Taste. Hungry Z just left the station to pick up his wife, Colleen, who will be accompanying him on his quest for 65, and taking pictures along the way that we’ll post here on the blog.

I believe we’ve got our technical stuff together for our live stream, including the all-important wireless mic. It will be crazy enough out there without having to worry about dragging around a cord. Check back for the live link at about 11 a.m. on this page, and hope the electronic gremlins leave us alone.

Me and Hungry Z sat down for a podcast interview about his quest this morning, so check it out here:


We will be going in order, 1 through 65, so click on to this map to track our direction. See you soon!

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