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Eric Smith, NBC Chicago Street Team

On location at the Millennium Hotel, Thursday August 6.

So what brings you to the Windy City?
What brings me to the city is that I’m promoting my new album called “Imperial Blaze”…comes out August 18th.

I see you’ve sold over 10 millions records. Let’s talk about that journey and how you got started from there to Imperial Blaze.

In Stores August 18th.

In Stores August 18th.

For sure…my career started with me just lovin’ music. A friend of mine got into music at the end of high school and it came to pass that I got introduced to studios and people started to like the voice and like the flow. Like the first thing was being on a big stage in Jamaica called “Sting” back in 1998, it featured people like Busta Rhymes from the hip hop world. After that I was able to do a song with DMX who was one of the biggest artists in Jamaica at that time. Then there was a song called “Here Comes The Boom” from the movie “Belly” that Hype Williams produced and what not. And then the song “Deport Dem” really got big in New York City and got a lot of play.

And then about a year after that in 2001 my second album was coming out “Dutty Rock” was comin’ out. The song called “Gimme the Light” got a very big spread. Since I’ve had a couple of songs rank as high as #1 on the Billboard Charts such as “Get Busy”, “Temperature”, a song featuring myself and Beyonce which is a song called “Baby Boy”. A song with Keyshia Cole went to #3 on the BillBoard charts, a song called “Like Glue” went to #7…”I’m still in Love” featuring Sasha went to number 12. So we have a lot of repertoire coming up to this day, man. And those are all different steps, help me to pave the way to be sittin’ here in front of you, ya know what I mean…tellin’ my story of what’s up next in Imperial Blaze.

Now I got started producing festivals with Super Cat. The first time I heard you I was like, “That’s Super Cat!” And they were like…no, no that’s Sean Paul.
The Superdor, Superdor he’s still the Super. Cause you know, he’s my pops in the business! He helped pave the way…I got to give respect to him.

Let’s talk about “So Fine” which is the rockin’ new single out now. Talk about that single and when you know a song is hot and going to blow up.

Well I mean…I try and put feeling into my songs, to my artwork. Feeling is what artwork is about…I think it is about that feeling deep down in your and soul channeling it and bringing it to the rest of world. In “So Fine”, I loved the melody, I loved the chords that was being played in the riddim, so it just took off from there… it’s a club banger cause da riddim is so hot.

So you got any upcoming shows in Chicago?
I’m gonna be here tonight and tomorrow night, so I’m probably just going to go into to clubs and sing and DJ a couple verses, couple line to let people know what’s up. However you can stay in touch with me on allseanpaul.com. It got blogs about reggae and dancehall. It’s got what I been doing lately on it, shows. It’s got a tour schedule dat should be printed up, probably by November this year. People can order my album out August 18th or pre-order it to. Also, like every now and then there’s competitions that run on the site. Like I had an “Ultimate Fan” competition running for about 3 to 4 weeks now, which just ended like this week. So I designed two chains…white gold and diamonds then I gave it to two of my favorite fans who won. Things like that gone happening every now and then on the site.

And one last thing…Sean Paul is it Henriques…? You have a Latin back ground…?
So I got a lot of different blood in me from Black, Portuguese, White from England and Chinese. My father’s family has Portuguese and Black blood. My Chinese and England bloodline comes from my mother’s family.

Well you know, me and my peeps are considering putting together another festival “Metropolatino” and you know we are interested in having you headline to get that moving.

For sure I got that blood there so let’s do it…you can’t keep me out!

Download the audio to hear the entire the Sean Paul “Imperial Blaze” interview!

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rebecca_1Rebecca Taras, NBC Chicago Street Team

Mike Ditka and Mikayla Sweeney

Mike Ditka and Mikayla Sweeney


Bright lights and big dreams came to life during the 22nd Annual Wish Ball last Saturday. More than 700 guests filed into Chicago’s Union Station – and not to take a train. The space was transformed into an area ripe for bidding, eating, drinking and dancing. Honorary Chair Mike Ditka, former head coach of the Chicago Bears, was on hand to greet guests and show his support for the Foundation. Also on the scene were six “Wish Kids,” sporting big smiles and their Sunday best.

Before the seated dinner, guests perused the silent auction items while making their way through a mini Taste of Chicago, sampling bites from the Park Grill, cibomatto, Blue 13, La Madia, Morton’s and Mike Ditka’s. Emceed by Peggy Kusinski of NBC 5 Chicago, the night included a special show by performers from The Second City and Barack Obama – um, that would be our very own Street Teamer Reggie Brown!

Peggy Kusinski (NBC 5 Sports) and Reggie Brown (NBC 5 Street Team)

Peggy Kusinski (NBC 5 Sports) and Reggie Brown (NBC 5 Street Team)

The live auction raised some serious cash for the Foundation with enticing items such as a private dinner party at the winner’s home, prepared by Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard ($10,000) and an opportunity to race a Ferrari 355 Challenge race car ($12,550). At the end of the evening, guests enjoyed dancing to the Bluz Brothers Band and sampling sweets from a dessert table donated by the Affina Hotel.

Proceeds from Wish Ball 2009 will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois, helping to grant nearly 150 of the 700 wishes the Foundation will give this year to Illinois children facing life-threatening medical conditions. This event is made possible by support from generous sponsors, including sponsor GATX Corporation and Platinum Sponsors Baxter, Macy’s, PotashCorp and Unum. Since being founded in Illinois in 1985, the Foundation has granted more than 8,000 wishes. For more information, visit  www.wishes.org or call 312.602.WISH.

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JenChicago, NBC Chicago Street Team

Last weekend, my brothers were in town and I wanted to make sure that I showed them a really good time for the short few days they were here. We went to parties, Navy Pier, Millennium Park and more!

I asked friends for suggestions for where to take my brothers and got the Tommy Gun’s Garage recommendation by my good friend, and fellow NBC Chicago Street Teamer, Jim Grillo (HeresChicago.com) …and what a great suggestion it was!

Click here to read the rest of this post on NBCChicago.com

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Blagica Bottigliero, NBC Chicago Street Team

What a night! I wasn’t able to join the gang at the Emmy ceremonies tonight, but I received word from our fearless leader, Marcus Riley, that our team won the Emmy for Outstanding Achievement for Alternate Media/New Media Interactivity. Our winning entry was “Looptopia Live,” the coverage of Chicago’s dusk-till-dawn arts celebration.

Congrats to my fellow NBC Chicago Street Teamers: Marcus Riley, Zach Christman, Producers; Mark Luciano, Technical Advisor; Kaylee King, Theresa Carter, Erik Sorensen, Reggie Brown, Jim Grillo, Angie Gormas, Susan Noble, Shlomi Rabi, Jennifer O’Neil, Laura Lodewyck, Chasity Johnson, Blagica Bottigliero, Liz Holland, LeeAnn Trotter, NiCole Thomas and Damaris Woodbury.

Way to go, everyone. We all need to celebrate together soon!

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Thursday, October 2nd, marked that one year remains until the IOC’s Host City decision for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Copenhagen. And you know what that means for us Chicagoans…

That’s right… Parrrr-tay!

The party at Rockit Bar and Grill had hors d’ouerves, cocktails and Olympic spirit in spades! And I had the opportunity to speak with Olympic and Paralympic peeps, Anjali Forber-Pratt, Matt Grevers, and Bill Scherr.

Keep rooting for the home team, Chicago! Go 2016!

Find more fun videos at JenChicago.com!

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Paul M. Banks a.k.a. The Sports Bank It’s one of the most shopworn cliches in all of sports (right up there with “we just need to step our game up the next level”) the game possesing a “playoff like atmosphere.” In this case, however, it’s true. Three games in the Metrodome for the division title. You knew it would come to this, like the 80s hairband Europe told us, “It’s the final countdown…do-do-do-do…dah-do-do-do”

Game One

Javier Vazquez, RHP (12-14, 4.32)  vs. Scott Baker, RHP (9-4, 3.69)

Baker has an awful ERA of 8 versus the ChiSox, but I would feel better if the Sox were throwing a lefty at the Minnesota lineup in two of the three games instead of just one. I don’t trust Vazquez nor the middle relievers these days, so I’ll say Twins narrowly win a slugfest here.

Game Two

Mark Buehrle, LHP (14-11, 3.87) vs. Nick Blackburn, RHP (10-10, 4.15)

Buehrle is a big game pitcher and I expect a masterful performance from him in this one. Jenks will nail it down and the Sox win it by a couple of runs in running time of two hours and change.

Game Three

Gavin Floyd, RHP (16-8, 3.84) vs. Kevin Slowey, RHP (12-11, 3.85)

Tough one to predict here. Two young pitchers who have keyed their respective team’s run for the postseason squaring off. Slowey shut out the Sox in his last Metrodome outing against them. I say both starters put in a gem and it later comes down to which bullpen blows it first. In extra innings, Twins win by one and take the series 2-1. Sox will be sitting 1 1/2 games up, magic # 3 heading into the final weekend.

For more Chicago Sports analysis and discussion click here.

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Before the season ended, I was blessed with the experience of sailing on a beautiful sailboat in Chicago. James, the captain, and the crew of Big Meanie took me out for a glorious Sunday sail! We competed in the last race of the season and my eyes were open to the majesty of being propelled along the water by nothing more than teamwork and Mother Nature.

Alas, my camera person didn’t show up, and I couldn’t film the race since my new team needed me on the ropes. There was so much more that happened (two boats collided, a man fell overboard, crazy kooky wind shifts) however my hands were needed more “on deck” than on the camera during the race.

Still… it was another amazing Chicago experience that I will treasure. I found the following quote equally apropos to this post and to my life. Perhaps it will resonate with you as well.

“The sail, the play of its pulse so like our own lives: so thin and yet so full of life, so noiseless when it labors hardest, so noisy and impatient when least effective.” ~Henry David Thoreau

So true.

Find more fun videos at JenChicago.com!

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