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Dave Leonard, NBC Chicago Street Team

The Summer isn’t over yet, so if you’re looking for some new heat to rock in the iPod, here’s a few new artists you need to check for:

Get familiar with Scientific The Rap God from the Westside of Chicago who has been killing the game on the hip-hop freestyle and mixtape circuit since his early high school days. The buzz is now getting louder on this kid who has shared the stage with heavy-hitters such as Akon, Ludacris, and Young Jeezy just to name a few. His latest single “Boomerang” which is also featured on his current mixtape release,

l_254a5ddc6dad421da3c5339e4cc34f67“Murderwoods: Vol. 2”, is starting to rip up the airwaves and consistently sells on iTunes in addition to breaking records on the ringtone charts. You can check out more of Scientific’s infamous YouTube freestyle battles, mixtapes, and upcoming appearance information at his Myspace www.myspace.com/scientifictherapgod

From our Midwest neighbors comes a unique brand of rhymespitters equipped with hella style and we’re not just talking about the music. “Authenticity is invaluable…Originality is non-existent”…this is the mantra echoed on the intro to the innovative mixtape release, “Dope Couture Presents alpha.live + CMART: Steal From The Rich”. This mixtape is a breath of fresh air for the true hip-hop heads and sneaker fans all the way down to the clever cover design. Indianapolis’ finest, alpha.live, rips through a 12-track collection of CMART beats and orchestrated by Shadowkat Nightson. Two of Chi-town’s notables are featured on two of the first leaks off the mixtape. Grammy-Award winner, Rhymefest drops in on “All I Need” and Naledge of Kidz In The Hall blesses the soulful “Kelley’s Song”.

stealfromtherichFRONTOther standout cuts include “Roy G Biv” which cleverly samples the theme song from the popular “Reading Rainbow” children’s show and the haunting “Listen” which has alpha.live taking on the persona of a Vietnam veteran. This mixtape is definitely one to get for when the official free download hits the net on August 4th. Check www.alphaisforever.com for updates.

Last but not least, check out the dynamic sounds of E-TRAIN, a dynamic Chicago-based producer and singer-songwriter who has a unique brand of hip-hop and “Nintendo Pop” that is creating a huge buzz for his forthcoming album, “The Wrath of Roxane” which was inspired by his late mother. E-TRAIN has already garnered radio exposure with his first single “Damn” and his current single,l_c815a31402024f3ea2a23b8f7e530b76 the explosive “Wreck the Discotech” which features the “Minnesota Monster”, Young General. Next up, is the super-jazzy, “Your Dance Floor” which is currently being mastered by world renowned engineer Eric Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions. Be sure to also catch him on tour soon to get the full experience. To get more of this kinetic, electro hip-hop check out his Myspace at www.myspace.com/eTRAINrap. Hop aboard the “TRAIN” and feel the “Wrath” on Sept. 5th.

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Natalia “Bat Girl” Avilez, NBC5 Street Team

Where can you find a geeky ninja, a transformable plush by the name of Balls, and a wide selection of original, creator-owned,and licensed properties such as Hack/Slash, GI Joe and Voltron? Right here in Chicago!

In staying true to their motto of “Pop Culture IS Our Culture,” Devil’s Due Publishing, one of the top ten comic book publishers in North America — located right here in Chicago — is heating things up this summer with new announcements, partnerships, and DDP POP — their own line of toys and usable artwork. The last time I spoke with DDP’s president, Josh Blaylock, he clued me in to some of their upcoming projects including his own pet project that comes out this Wednesday, Mercy Sparx, a Devil-Girl hired by the bigshots in Heaven to secretly take down rogue angels. Pretty hot huh?!

At the recent San Diego Comic Convention, they announced a partnership with Kevin Spacey. Well kind of. Devil’s Due Publishing teamed up with TriggerStreet.com , Kevin Spacey’s online film company that showcases user content including plays, books, scripts, short films and now comics. So thats right folks, you too can be the next Stan Lee! For more news on Devil’s Due Publishing or become part of a company “that embraces the roots of modern comics, music, movies, and the pop culture that shapes our lives,” check them out on Myspace or Devilsdue.net.

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