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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

So Sarah invites Staci and me to go with her, and some friends, to Zanies, for a showcase. It was my first time at the Chicago laugh stop and we had a great time! Those guys and gals on stage should get big props for getting out of their comfort zone in pursuit of their dream.

Stand-up is hard. Trust me. I’ve tried it.

So we go to the packed show and then we skipped on down to Fireplace Inn where I enjoyed some great food, a cold beer and a fun chat with K-von. He’s fun and funny!

PS: Kvon just likes to go by Kvon. You know, no last name. Which is fine by me. (Although, I DO get him to spill it in the video.)

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Cara Carriveau, NBC Chicago Street Team

Twilight is such a highly anticipated movie that literally mobs of excited fans are attending all the promotional stops prior to the movie (especially when the incredibly handsome Robert Pattinson is involved). I’m halfway through the book by Stephenie Meyer right now and definitely understand what draws the fans. Her story is very intriguing. I am absolutely glued to the book. And from what I’m hearing from those who attended the preview earlier this week, the movie is very true to the book. And the ladies all agree that Robert Pattinson is yummy.  The movie officially opens here this weekend.

I spoke to actor Peter Facinelli this week. He plays the very handsome Dr. Carlisle Cullen, one of thepeterfacinelli vampires in Twilight. He was incredibly modest not only about his good looks (c’mon!) but also about assuming that the movie would be hugely successful garnering a guaranteed sequel. He spilled to me that he was a vegetarian until he filmed this movie. Apparently, playing a vampire made him crave red meat!

You can listen to our conversation by clicking HERE.

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Katrell Mendenhall, NBC5 Street Team

Bernard McCullough, a.k.a Bernie Mac, would have been honored and proud of the enormous outcome of fans and celebs at his funeral on the South Side of Chicago. Mac was famous for the coined phrase “Who U Wit” from the Emmy-winning “The Bernie Mac Show”.

In a very supernatural way he’s still here, as the movie premiere for “Soul Man” featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Issac Hayes will be released in November.  The movie is about a rhythm and blues band who reunite after 20 years of an acrimonious breakup following the death of the band’s lead singer. Jackson and Bernie play the group’s two main members, while Isaac Hayes portrays himself.  And eerily enough, the movie’s plot is about death.

Many can be replaced but duplicating will never happen. You are forever missed Bernie!

I spoke with some of his closest friends and here is what they had to say:

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Cara CarriveauCara “Cara’s Basement” Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

If it wasn’t for Speed Racer I may have become a dancer instead of a DJ. When I was 6 years old I quit taking ballet lessons because I was upset that they caused me to miss watching Speed Racer. And now I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Go figure.

I couldn’t wait for the big screen version to come out, especially after I saw the awesome movie trailer. We even have the Speed Racer DVD – my son Sam loves to watch it, so the movie preview today was a family affair and an early birthday present for him (he turns 3 next weekend). It isn’t in theaters until May 9.

We absolutely loved it! I’m pretty sure everyone in the theatre did judging by the loud applause and laughter throughout the film. The folks behind The Matrix did the fx for Speed Racer – and holy cow, this movie makes The Matrix fx seem prehistoric. Seriously. For those of us who love(d) the cartoon version, the movie version of Speed Racer takes every cartoon element to a much higher level. They managed to squeeze in every detail – from the stunningly similar physical appearances of all of the characters to the way cool races.

The race scenes, which were the bulk of the movie, were truly spectacular. I can’t wait to get the DVD just to see the extra features describing how they did the animation – it was jaw-droppingly good. You should see it on the big screen, though, because the sound and visuals will blow you away. The very first scene, when Speed Racer was a boy daydreaming in school, managed to hook me right away and then I just kept getting reeled in with each subsequent mind bending animation.

Something to keep in mind if you are a parent and want to bring your kids (it’s rated PG): there are a few naughty words beginning with the letters “a” and “s” thrown around plus a finger gesture you may not want your little ones to experience (luckily it all seemed to have gone right over my toddler’s head). And of course there are some mean character situations involving guns and flesh eating fish, but frankly no more disturbing than what’s in cartoons. And don’t bolt right when the movie ends because there’s quite an entertaining Chim-Chim montage during the ending credits.

This new Speed Racer movie is a jam-packed adrenaline-pumping explosion of entertainment – make sure you experience it on the big screen!

On a side note, a few years ago I met Peter Fernandez, the original Speed Racer cartoon voice, at the Chicago Auto Show. He told me that he voiced all the male characters and his wife voiced Trixie. He also told me that he was sent each episode with no script – only the animation, done in Japan – and he just made up the stories himself!

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