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Cara Carriveau, NBC Chicago Street Team

I’ve been recording my podcast Cara’s Basement from my house for almost two years.  It’s very convenient – I do interviews over the phone with artists who are all over the world, so sometimes I’m talking to them at strange times.  In this case, it was 7am.  I had just gotten out of the shower.  Wearing nothing but a towel, I chatted with former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor.  Maybe that’s “TMI” but I can’t tell you how wierd it was to be talking to him while I was practically naked.  I kept thinking how envious many other women would be.  Let’s face it, Duran Duran played a pretty significant role in the popularity of MTV and was a majorly H U G E group in the 1980’s.  They still are – I have plenty of friends who still totally dig Duran Duran and their recent material has been great.

Andy Taylor wrote a juicy tell-all book, “Wild Boy” .  If ever there Andy Taylor Wild Boywas someone who lived the life of a rock star, it was him.  It’s a really fun book to read and it was remarkable talking to him about what it was like to play at Live Aid  when the much-anticipated Led Zeppelin took place (they were onstage right after Zep!), performing for Princess Diana and almost getting assassinated, filming video’s with real elephants and almost drowning, and much more.   You can listen to our conversation now at www.CarasBasement.com.

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Cara Carriveau, NBC Chicago Street Team

Did you happen to watch the Saturday Night Live episode a few weeks ago featuring Sarah Palin?  Chances are you did – after all, with over 14 million people tuning in it was the most watched SNL episode ever.

Benefitting majorly from that large audience was that night’s musical guest, Adele.  She’s quite popular in the UK but her soulful song “Chasing Pavements” was released in the U.S. a few months ago with only moderate success.  Since that SNL performance her song has skyrocketed up the charts and she’s now looking for a place in New York to call home, at least for a while.

I spoke to Adele this week about her SNL experience, what it’s like to be so successful at a young 19 years old, and other stuff – check out our conversation by clicking HERE.

Adele will be at The Park West on January 19, 2009.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 1) at 10a – but you can get your tickets with a special internet presale today (Friday, October 31) until 10pm if you go to www.WTMX.com and sign up to be a “Mix Insider”.

FYI: You can hear more of my artist interiews at:

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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

True story: I ran into Josh Kelley in the hallway of his hotel and found myself in his hotel room within minutes. Granted, I was at the hotel to emcee a private show with him later — but we had never met and I had no idea I would see him randomly before the show. Since I had my portable recorder with me I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask him for an interview. Next think I knew, I was inside his hotel room chatting away. Yep, it was that easy.

Check out my conversation with Josh Kelley and many of my other interviews at www.CarasBasement.com – like with The Plain White T’s, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Nils Lofgren and more!

By the way, he put on a great show. Catch him perform live if you get the chance!

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