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Twenty-three-year-old Australian singer/songwriter, Missy Higgins will be performing at Martyrs, in Lincoln Park on October 7th as part of her U.S. Tour for her new record, “On A Clear Night“. …And for someone that’s from “the land down under,” she does just fine at being on top.

If you haven’t heard of her, the best thing you might do today is visit MissyHiggins.com, where you can listen to all of her newest album. Chances to see an artist like this, at an intimate venue like Martyrs, are rare. Especially when Australian fans would die to be able to see her without the aid of binoculars.

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Shortly after Releasing her first album, “The Sound Of White,” in 2005 with Warner Bros. and winning the “Artist Of The Year” award in Australia, she skyrocketed to fame in her native country, and it’s only a matter of time until word spreads to the U.S..

Shuffling back and forth between piano and guitar, she captivates her audiences with a gimmick free performance and incredibly modest personality. Rarely do you see a performance that goes above and beyond the studio recording and reminds you why you buy tickets to see musicians perform live.

No need for wardrobe malfunctions, help from Chris Angel or giant boas to entertain,here. This is the real deal.

Missy is a can’t-miss.


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