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Laura Lodewyck, NBC Chicago Street Team
Think you’ve got the stuff to join the leagues of such heros as Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeier, Andrew “William Ocean” Litz, and Fatima “Rockness Monster” Hoang? Come prove it at the US Air Guitar Championships at the Metro this Saturday. All are welcome to enter. The winner from each city will go on to the national championships, and the national champ will represent the USA at the international competition in Finland.us_air_guitar

A stage name is (of course) required, and costumes or props are highly encouraged. No equipment or real instruments are allowed, and although you can bring your groupies and roadies, you must rock it alone onstage for the competition. Doors open at 8pm, with the competition starting at 9. Tickets to see the show are $15, and just $20 to enter the competition. Bring it!

NudeHippoNBC5Email me at llodewyck@nudehippo.com with your under-discovered events, and check out my reports with Nude Hippo at NudeHippo.tv and NBCChicago.com.

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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

Well, the rumours were true.  The “secret” location for U2‘s live event in Chicago last night wound up being U2 at The MetroThe Metro on Clark.  I was among the lucky few who were bussed to the location, and when we saw “Stand Up Comedy, U2” on the sign board when we pulled up to the Metro, everyone clapped & screamed.  There were TV crews and throngs of fans waiting nearby, hoping to get a glimpse of the band.

We walked into the Metro around 6pm but the “show” wouldn’t start until 8pm.  My husband asked the bartender if they had any food and she suggested getting a Guiness because “it drinks like a meal”.  So, it was two hours of drinking and no food for a few hundred folks – you can imagine how high the energy level and volume of the crowd was by the time Shirley Manson of Garbage strolled onstage to introduce U2.

This was a live radio event simulcast all over the country, so the radio geek in me was fascinated by how technically trouble-free the event was pulled off.  Each member of U2 chose a song to play, and they explained the story of why they chose each song before playing it.  Larry Mullen was first (OMG he looks really amazing up close!).  Thank goodness he chose “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones, because prior to the broadcast the dj at the Metro played that song and for some unknown reason abruptly stopped playing it and threw on a country song resulting in an angry crowd screaming profanities at that poor guy.

The best part of this intimate U2 experience was what did not get broadcast across the country.  As each song played and during commercial breaks Shirley Manson fielded questions from the crowd.  It’s too bad that no one was able to record this part because there were some great questions and fabulous answers.  Such as…

Someone asked The Edge if he would ever sing lead vocals in the future since he has such a great voice.  Bono stepped in and said jokingly that “his BACKING vocals are particularly good”, causing the audience to erupt in laughter.

Bono was asked to name his favorite song on their new album No Line On The Horizon.  He said that his favorite part was actually about 1/3 of the album, particularly “Breath” because it’s autobiographical.  “Here we are, traveling town to town selling you our wares”. 

When asked what their favorite song to play in concert is, Larry Mullin said it’s “a song that hasn’t even been written yet”.

Several members in the audience commended Bono on his humanitarian work, including the One campaign.  How did Bono feel when the wall came down in Germany?  “The idea that geography decides whether you live or die…I want to outlaw that.”

The sweetest answer came from Bono when someone asked him his secret to having such a good marraige.  “I don’t feel like I’ve fully gotten to know her”, he said.  “She’s a very beautiful person, but hard to know.” And he explained how he met his future wife as a kid when she was “in class with The Edge, that bastard!”

Danno from ElevationPrior to the show I had fun walking around Chicago with the lead singer of the U2 tribute band ElevationNBC5 filmed as folks came up to him asking for his autograph! To say he is a total Bono clone is an understatement.  See for yourself – check out the pictures here.

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Fayth, a.k.a Relaxocat, NBC Chicago Street Team

Abroad and stateside, there’s been a buzz since 2008 about The Godfathers’ first round of touring in nearly 20 years. They’re heading to Chicago on Saturday for a show at Metro promoting their limited edition album, “Hit By Hit.” It’s a re-release of the original album plus an additional disc including b-sides and previously unreleased material.

The Godfathers first emerged in 1985, successfully combining alternative garage rock with a U.K. flair. By 1987 they were on their fourth world tour, and by 1989, their last U.S. tour, they hit 76 U.S. cities in four months.

These days they have renewed their rock n’ roll vitality and are bringing their timeless music back onstage. The original members reunited in 2008, began touring, and celebrated their CD release with their hugely successful St. Valentine’s Massacre show at London’s Forum. The economic crisis put a damper on a U.S. tour this year, but chose to bring the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” show to Chicago.

Read the rest of this post on nbcchicago.com.

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Theresa Carter, NBC5 Street Team
With tools like MySpace and Facebook, rock bands are becoming entrepreneurs as well as musicians.  Cavashawn uses every opportunity to market its brand and starting this fall will be sharing their expertise. Their Just Because initiative teaches kids how to put on a benefit concert to raise money for the charity of their choosing.

They’re also using Facebook to draw a huge crowd at their upcoming Metro show. They’re hoping to invite 5,000 people, and if they reach that goal by August 28 each Cavashawn Caravan Chicago member will receive a signed commemorative poster.

Since the really important part is the music, listen to “Out Of My Mind”. I think you’ll agree that they’ve got the goods to back up the hype. Then check them out at Metro‘s Back To School bash on August 29. It’s free before 7pm!

Cavashawn – Out Of My Mind

I’ve been a bit quiet lately while redesigning The Local Tourist, but now I’m back! To see my reviews, featured bands, upcoming events, and more click here. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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Cara CarriveauCara “Caras Basement” Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

I love interviewing bands for the Chicago Music Guide as they work on their journey to success. A few months ago I chatted with Absentstar‘s Derek Ingersoll – you can listen to it here:

Absentstar recently completed a 22-date tour with Third Eye Blind and their single “For Gods Sakes” is getting radio play across the country. You have the opportunity to see them at The Metro Friday, July 11. You should – who knows, maybe they’ll be filling arena’s soon! It’s an 18+ show.

(if the player above doesn’t work properly, please click HERE to hear the interview)

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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

With a name like “Heavy The Fall” you’d expect a hard rocking sound, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. So hard, in fact, the drummer from Anthrax wanted to be a part of it. Not only did Charlie Benante produce their last EP, he played on all five tracks. Their own drummer, Jason Delismon, is no slouch and was recognized with a sponsorship by Vic Firth.

Heavy The FallTheir music doesn’t bang you in the eardrums, though. Lead vocalist Daniel Graunke’s voice reminded me of Mindsight singer Aaron’s clear and passionate sound. No wonder – at last weekend’s Mobfest I found out they’re brothers.

Heavy The Fall’s second CD, also produced by Benante, will be released at an all-ages Metro show on July 19. Since it’s also a Mindsight CD release show you’ll get to see the siblings in action. Add On The Front, Janus, and Sudden Dark (and free entry before 6pm) and this is a show that shouldn’t be missed.

Heavy The Fall – Kill Me Now

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Fayth (aka Relaxocat), NBC5 Street Team

Aside from the arrival of the UK band, These New Puritans at Subterranean, this weekend seems to be the time to get your goth on. Specifically your L.A., old school goth with some local flare as an opener. I know some of you are grimacing and thinking, “Oh gosh, those people”, but really it’s just music with a certain sort of sound albeit darker than your average rock bands. Besides, a little black-on-black fashion never hurt anyone. One of these bands were among the first in the genre way before goth was goth. The other band was part of the goth resurgence in the 90’s. Coming to us from L.A. this weekend are London After Midnight tonight at Metro and Christian Death with local guys, My Cold Dead Hand on Saturday at Reggie’s. Also on Saturday at Subterranean is the non-goth and long awaited U.S. arrival of the UK band, These New Puritans.

I read a joke today with a funny little photo, “Emo is goth for [sissies]”. This music is definitely not for sissies. For some goth humor, check out the BBC series, “Goths” here.

At Metro on Friday, June 13th:
Pants and Shoes are NOT leather!London After Midnight (LAM) was formed in the 1990’s by Sean Brennan. Some critics believe the goth revival in the 90’s was led in part by LAM, though Brennan shuns the idea that he is “goth” and comments that he finds the generalization artistically limiting. He probably feels that way because it does bring stereotypes to mind, yet he is outspoken on many social and political issues such as animal rights, environmental concerns, and liberal politics. I noticed some photographs of him in what appeared to be leather pants, but the captions read “No, the pants and shoes are not leather”. Sean is a vegan and truly supports animal rights, though it took me a minute to figure out the reason for the captions. The recently released album, “Violent Acts of Beauty” on the Metropolis label shows that politics are on Sean’s mind lately with tracks such as “Republic” and “Feeling Fascist”. I believe this is London After Midnight’s first Chicago appearance ever.

At Reggie’s on Saturday, June 14th:
Christian Death was formed in 1979 by Roz Williams at age 17. Remember, this was at the start of the Reagan era, so many punk and goth bands were formed with anti-conservative foundations. The following decade of Christian Death’s music became quite confusing, involving two bands using the name, another band name with some of the same members, and over the years 30 band members in and out with at least a half dozen spin off projects. Rozz died in 1998 and Valor Kand continued the music. The band is considered one of the founders of the early goth genre, while other people consider the music deathrock due to the heavily guitar driven sound. Like LAM, they now seem to send a political message in many of their songs. Their new work sounds much more produced, stylized, and more accessible to a broader audience. It’s definitely not what it used to be – not the scarier stuff from their good ol’ days. On the other hand, for some former or future listeners, it could be a worthwhile show to see since it is rare to have them here in Chicago. Furthermore, local band My Cold Dead Hand opens, and they are a rockin’ bunch of guys who have been in the Chicago music scene for years. Currently finishing their first recording with Volume Studio in Chicago, MCDH is influenced by Birthday Party, The Stooges, Tones on Tail, Bauhaus and My Bloody Valentine. In other words, and according to the band, “The end is near.”

Also on Saturday, June 14th:
These New Puritans If you’d rather hear a new band that might be the forefathers (and mother) of their own genre, how about checking out the UK band, These New Puritans? This big beat, Brit-punk, somewhat electronic, and generally great four piece band is influenced by an eclectic mix such as Wu Tang Clan, The Fall, and Sonic Youth. To me, music is subjective so I can’t even begin to explain it to you in better terms, but they’re far better than usual post-punk sounds with a definite style of their own. Get a listen to the tracks “Numbers” and “Elvis” at the band’s Myspace page or watch the YouTube video Swords of Truth. The album “Swords Of Truth”, released in May on the Domino label is definitely raucous, so I’m sure the live set will be worthwhile and will have you screaming for more.

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