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Reggie Brown, NBC5 Street Team

Summer is right around the corner and many of us are working overtime on our fitness to get our beach bods back. In the midst of all the resistance training, classes and limitless other cardio activities, the one action that is commonly overlooked is one of the easiest and most rewarding parts of the workout, stretching. Don’t despair, there is hope for us all, a newly banded troupe of unrelenting rogue stretchers out there dedicated to keep Chicago limber and active “Stretching you out anytime, anywhere”.  Introducing Stretch Out Chicago, the crew is made up of five members (Pictured L to R) Michael Cullinlane aka Gumbo, Lindsay Stryffeler aka Spaghetti-Oh,”The Queen of Stretch” Betsy Stover aka B.L.T, Jamie Nagle aka Meatbox and Jeff Bruce aka Dr. Stretch.  

I caught up with the crew at the new River West vintage lifestyle store,Dovetail while filming their mockumentary set to hit YouTube later this month.  Their obsession began over a year and a half ago, while a few of the members were at a concert bopping around enjoying the “Non danceable music” they began to stretch it out to ease lower back pain and keep the blood circulating, somewhere during that process the seeds for Stretch Out Chicago were planted. Fast forward to present day, outfitted mostly in American Apparel attire, this fun loving troupe combines their passion for fitness, comedy and social interaction to “Stretch the love across Chicago”.


With personalities as extreme and diverse as their wardrobe, Stretch Out Chicago provides a fun, therepuetic and memorable experience everwhere they go.  While  you might assume their expertise lies solely in the realms of health and fitness, the crew’s careers cover a wide range from pharmecuetical sales to teaching high school english.   With the mindset of acting locally and thinking globally, the crew plans on expanding their mission to “Stretch out Chicago, the United States and the world” striving for a total worldwide stretch domination.  

You can catch up with Stretch Out Chicago for their Stretch and Release Party June 20 from 6-8 PM at Dovetail, 1432 W Chicago Ave for the launch of their video and look forward to an entertaining evening of cocktails, autographed pictures and of course, stretching.  Keep an eye out this summer for the team while they continue to sir things up  “Spreading the stretch love across Chicago”. Click here to check out the health benefits associated with stretching. 

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