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Hungry Z, NBC5 Street Team

Rosemont, a city most known for conventions and concerts. But for those in the know, Rosemont is starting to build some serious culinary cred. While many city dwellers (Marcus Riley), don’t even know where Rosemont is (near Ohare), trust me, it’s time to learn.

Rosemont features some of Chicagolands finest restaurants, including “Gibsons” and “Harry Carray’s“. The newest addition to the mix is McCormick and Schmick. Located on River Rd, I had the pleasure of attending the VIP pre opening event. The beautiful restaurant was packed to the gills (sorry), so packed that you made friends rather quickly. So packed in fact, that I could have easily named this feature “Runaway Food”. The servers had to carry the trays high in the air, in order to make it to different parts of the restaurant. After a few hungry patrons made their displeasure known, the trays came down and the consumption began.

The menu featured seared tuna atop a tortilla chip and drizzled with creme fresh, crab cakes, mini burgers, and other bite size items from their expansive menu. It’s not an opening night party without some music and liquid libations. The beer, wine, and champagne flowed freely, while possibly the best lounge singer ever performed. By best I mean cheesiest. Now I’m actually not putting his act down at all. Think of those VH1 “Awesomely Bad” specials, in which you hear songs that are so bad, but can’t help to love. All the basics were covered with classics like “Sweet Caroline”, “Copa Cabana”, and “Celebration”.

All in all it was a fun night, and another feather in Rosemonts culinary cap. Make the trip out to the burbs and see what the new McCormick and Schmick is all about.

5320 N. River Rd.
Rosemont, Illinois 60018

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