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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

I’m always looking for cool, new, fun things to do… It’s kind of my shtick. So when I heard that on the first Friday of every month, the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) hosts a happy hour party, featuring a hip local artist, I knew I had to peep the scene. And I am so glad I did! I had some great chats, ate some killer brownies and even made a Valentine card for my love… Chicago.

Curtis Mann, is the artist of the month and I just loved that guy. What a cool and interesting dude! He started out as an engineer of some kind (not a details girl) and now… he’s an artist. You gotta hear about how he creates his art (hint: Clorox bleach) and THEN you gotta go check it out for yourself!

MCA has their happy hour First Friday every month, and one of the things I really like about the party, is that it gives people a chance to meet a TON of new people (I mean a TON) and have something “real” to talk about. Art is a beautiful thing. And it works magic on the brain. Kinda puts you in the mood to love… and maybe not always romantic love… but love, just the same.

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Fayth (aka Relaxocat), NBC5 Street Team
It seems that “terrace” is the alfresco buzz word this summer when it comes to lounging outside.  Take for instance, “Tuesdays On The Terrace” at MCA and “Indulge On The Terrace” at The Peninsula Hotel.  Both are decidedly different from each other, but both are lovely, so I’m thinking, “Why not?”  If you happen to be looking for some outdoor cocktails in the early evening, check them out.

(And you thought all I ever do is go see bands!)

  • Tuesdays On The Terrace: At the Musueum of Contemporary Art you’ll find the terrace and sculputure garden behind the museum itself.  If you’ve ever been to the museum’s “First Fridays” event, you’ve probably stepped out onto the terrace to get away from the crowd of hook-up desperados.  Fear not!  “Tuesdays On The Terrace” is a much more relaxed crowd with live jazz, cocktails, and a dinner buffet ($18 – reservations recommended) or lighter fare from Wolfgang Puck’s cafe, called (of all things) Puck’s.  You can relax on the terrace or make your evening more chill by picnicking on the grass of the sculpture garden. Check out who’s jazzin’ on their website.Every Tuesday until Sept. 30 / 5:30-8 p.m.
    MCA – 220 E. Chicago Ave.
    Reservations for the dinner buffet are recommended – (312) 397-4034
  • Indulge On The Terrace: The Peninsula Hotel is a five-star hotel and well worth a visit even if you are a Chicagoan and don’t need a hotel stay.  Check out their penthouse terrace lounge adjacent to the Shanghai Terrace restaurant.  The upscale lounge has recently decided to become a bit more “user friendly” for those of us city dwellers and rolled out what they are calling, “Indulge On The Terrace”, meaning they are open Monday-Saturday between noon and 11 p.m. for light dining and cocktails.  There are complimentary hors d’oeuvres between 5-7 p.m., Mon-Thu and with drinks such as “Shang-ria” and “Zen-Green-tini” paired with small plates such as Asian Ceviche and Sesame Shrimp Toast, I’m sure you’ll feel like sticking around taking in the ambiance.  If you’d like to go visit, but aren’t sure if you want to blow a bunch of bucks, try going on a Monday evening for “Chicago Industry Night” from 5-7 p.m. where you’ll indulge in half priced cocktails, free hors d’oeuvres and DJ sets.The Terrace at The Peninsula Chicago
    108 E. Superior
    Reservations by calling:  (312) 573-6744

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