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D.C. “Fete TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

I recently had a chance to check out PIE, the hot new specialty cafe downtown.  Located at 615 N. State St., PIE specializes in making homemade pies from classic recipes.  The idea was actually conceptualized by co-owner Mike Hines, as he was showering.  He said that he was craving one of his Grandmother’s homemade pies, but wasn’t able to find a homemade pie that measured up.  So voila, PIE was born.


Dobra, their dessert chef, prepares the pies off site. Customers are able to sample pies once inside the specialty shop or take home a mini pie instead of a whole pie.  PIE has a simplistic but elegant layout that triggers your senses when you walk inside.  PIE features at least seven different flavors each season,  which include apple cranberry, banana cream. strawberry rhubarb, Mississippi mud, and lemon meringue.  If you’re not in the mood for pie, try their quiche, cookie and bars, or macarons.  The coffee shop located inside PIE and a 5000 square foot garden in the back of the cafe will make it a popular hang out to relax and enjoy this summer’s weather.  Check out their web site www.piechicago.com and get an inside look on Fete Select TV




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