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Fayth a.k.a. Relaxocat, NBC Chicago Street Team

Join your fellow music lovers at Beat Kitchen on Friday, August 28th for the Stimulus Music Show, an eclectic show featuring live music from bands Stimulus-Flyersuch as the underground, Brit influenced Blah, Blah, Blah and Chicago’s own indie/psychedelic, Loyal Divide.   This is the first show of its kind bringing forth not only some up-and-coming indie bands, but also everyone who attends will receive a discount card good for promotional discounts at some of the city’s favorite places.

Among the many businesses offering Stimulus discounts – Threadless Tees and ICream plus free stuff from Time Out, Wow Bao, and 312UNES (312 Beer).   Discounts are valid for a month, so you’ll be able to reap the rewards of the Stimulus Music Show until summer’s end.

This is first in a series of upcoming Stimulus shows.  Keep an eye out for future shows with new music and even more discounted offerings from local businesses.  For more information and a free music sampler download, click here.

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Fayth a.k.a. Relaxocat, NBC Chicago Street Team

Go see The Livers tonight, August 22nd  at Quenchers Saloon.  When you do, don’t make the mistake of trying to have a conversation during their set because you might just miss something.  Let your curiosity guide your view to their big screen as a four piece band reveals itself as two live guys, Scot and Luke, the same two guys projected life sized and providing the rhythm.  The LiversSounds gimmicky?  Not in the slightest.  Scot and Luke, two indie musicians, sought a way to be a two-man, 4 piece band without compromising a live show.  “We started talking about pre-recording the rhythm and playing over it.  But that didn’t seem like a band to us.  Part of a seeing a band is seeing them play their instruments.  If only there was a way that we could show us playing…all…the…instruments.”  Video production was initially the guys. “Our limited knowledge of video production was born out of necessity really.  Someone would have to do it.  They’d have to be patient, unpaid, barely acknowledged, and get along with Scot and myself.  That narrowed it down to Scot and myself.”  Soon they were joined by a talented counterpart, Andrew, who brought with him a background and experience in production.  Together they all created a very polished show.

It’s not just a show of two guys and their filmed images either.  The Livers are a band that delivers not only a solid, tight set (they play remarkably well with themselves), but also fully entertain their audience with a clever, witty show that has some hysterical surprises.  Surprises like a guest appearance of their cat, Fruitbat,  and quick mid-set break for whiskey shots.  It’s just too entertaining to properly explain  – this show is a must-see.  The Livers are truly one of the most entertaining bands to visit Chicago this summer.

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Fayth, a.k.a Relaxocat, NBC Chicago Street Team

Soul pioneers, Wiley And The Checkmates, hit Chicago on Saturday, March 28th at Hideout.

These guys are the real deal — true pioneers of Delta soul bringing you serious booty shakin’ music from the deep South.

Click here to read the rest of this post on nbcchicago.com.

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Fayth a.k.a. Relaxocat, NBC5 Street Team

After a couple posts from me about DJ’s, it’s time to shift gears a bit and introduce you all to Inchworm.  A local band that I had been hearing about for the last year or so.  I even know a few members, but until 3 weeks ago I had never heard them before.  So there I was, standing outside the bar and all I could hear was this great voice resonating onto the sidewalk.  “Who is that?”  It was Matt Baugher, who I’d met the year before and was then part of another band along with drummer, Mike Holtz.  Both played Lollapalooza last year, but I had always heard that Inchworm was their gem and work-in-progress.

A gem indeed and really worth a good listen. Don’t believe me?  Well, Richard Milne on WXRT featured them recently on Local Anesthetic so take his lead.  You’ll hear fantastic music that’s an enduring culmination of blues, rock, folk, and pop – a blend in good measure that will keep you listening.  And I have to tell you, I’d never heard Matt sing before and what a nice surprise that was.  Moreover, Inchworm is sharing with you by offering NBC Street Team readers an exclusive free download of their EP which was previously only available to “the industry”.  Grab this sampling of their music while you can because it will only be available until their official CD release this Friday.

Speaking of the CD release, Inchworm sounds even better live so be sure to hit their CD release party this Friday at Darkroom.  If you just can’t get enough, click here to buy their new CD ‘Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing’ on iTunes now!

Come on out, hear Inchworm, meet Inchworm, buy Inchworm a beer to thank them for the free download, and then pick up a CD – all at Darkroom this Friday night!

  • Inchworm CD Release this Friday, October 10th
  • Darkroom – 2210 W. Chicago Ave. (map)

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