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Natalia Avilez, NBC5 Street Team

The one good thing about bars — besides the obvious — is the fact that you will meet the most interesting people! As I was sitting at the my neighborhood bar unwinding after a long day of work, a bunch of Dutch men and woman walked in with clogs and cameras in hand. Because the Journalist in me was screaming to come out, I approached the only female in the group to find out what they were about. The first words that came out of her mouth was Solexclub De Tjoptjoppers. Um, could you repeat that please?

She continued to explain that TjopTjoppers, are Velosolex (a fuel efficient cross between a motorcycle and bicycle) riders from Holland who were embarking on a nine week journey along the historic Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles on their Velosolex 4800. Not only is this ride being done in honor of the club’s 10-year anniversary, but will also be a ride for charity where three different organizations will receive some of the proceeds.

Today marks the first full day of the Velosolex adventure, where this 19 man and one woman crew will ride 2,666 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica along the Pacific Coast. Some of the donations collected during the Route 66 operation will go to Indoshelter, an organization that assists homeless children and families in Indonesia with housing, education, and food. If you would like more information log on to their site at TjopTjoppers, or if you find yourself along Route 66 and see a bunch of clog wearing riders, say hallo!

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