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Cara Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

True story: I ran into Josh Kelley in the hallway of his hotel and found myself in his hotel room within minutes. Granted, I was at the hotel to emcee a private show with him later — but we had never met and I had no idea I would see him randomly before the show. Since I had my portable recorder with me I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask him for an interview. Next think I knew, I was inside his hotel room chatting away. Yep, it was that easy.

Check out my conversation with Josh Kelley and many of my other interviews at www.CarasBasement.com – like with The Plain White T’s, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Nils Lofgren and more!

By the way, he put on a great show. Catch him perform live if you get the chance!

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