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Amanda Hunt, NBC5 Street Team

It’s official… I’m in love with American Idol, David Cook!!! I haven’t even watched the show but heard about his Billie Jean remix and have now found myself wrapped up in some You Tube replay fetish of his performance! The way he sang, how he held the mic *sigh*- Michael J would be crushed to hear of my unfaithfulness. What can I say, I’m a fan!!! So much so I found myself at Trader Todd’s karaoke spot, reenacting David’s stellar voice and heart throb moves…. well just the heart throb moves.

Trader Todd’s on 3216 N. Sheffield was packed by 10pm on a Friday. I along with hundreds of Chicago’s finest talent waited for our time to shine on stage AND on camera!!! Yes, it’s true-the entire performance, sober or not, is recorded and replayed for all your fans (or disgruntled co-workers) to relish in. Live the dream, there’s a David Cook in all of us… just stay away from the original- he’s mine!

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