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Erik Sorensen, NBC5 Street Team

Those looking to satisfy their hard rock cravings will have an opportunity to do just that when the Riviera Theatre welcomes home two of Chicago’s hard-hitting acts: Chevelle (Epic Records) and Janus (REALID Records.) The bands join Australia natives, Sick Puppies, for what promises to be one ear-crushing event you won’t want to miss.


WHERE ·Riviera Theatre
WHEN ·Saturday, February 20 @ 7:30 PM
AGE ·All Ages
PRICE ·$25.00

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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

You know when you’ve been waiting for the new CD from one of your favorite bands, and then you get it and it’s everything you hoped for, and you play it over and over and over until you can hear it even when your stereo and your computer and your iPod are turned off? That’s how I feel about the new Janus CD.

I have listened to these 10 songs so many times that I should, by all rights, be so sick of it that I’ll never want to hear it again. Instead, every time I get to the end of “Red Right Return” I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a lover as he heads across the country for a month. I know I’ll see him again, and I know when it will be, but there’s a feeling of longing and impatience and a sense of emptiness.

Yes, it’s that good.

Janus sounds like no one and like many. In passages I hear the Cure, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Nine Inch Nails, and others from all spectra of the alternative genre. They seem to have plucked the best of these influences and folded them into their own unique sound.

They reach what musicians strive to achieve. Certain notes and passages elicit physical and emotional reactions. I’m touched on a visceral level. My pulse quickens and my heart yearns.

This is a very, very personal reaction and I almost hesitated being so open, but I couldn’t listen to what I perceive to be honest and authentic music and then be anything but.

The CD release show is at Reggie’s (2109 S Wabash, 312-949-0120) on Wednesday. I recommend grabbing this opportunity to see them at a small venue – it’s unlikely they’ll be in rooms this small for long.

Janus – Eyesore

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