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aprillawsonsmallApril Lawson, NBC Chicago Street Team

The term “Black Irish” is commonly used to refer to dark haired Irish Caucasians that don’t resemble the porcelain skinned, red or flaxen haired stereotype. But here is some little known history.  During the mid-18th century there were small numbers of black African and Caribbean people residing in Ireland especially Dublin. Never very numerous, most of them were assimilated into the larger population by the second third of the 19th century.

Notable Americans like Alex Haley, Rosa Parks, Jimi Hendrix, Derrick Jeter, Claude McKay and Ella Fitzgerald can all trace their roots back to Scottish/Irish ancestors. So does that make Shaquille O’Neal Black Irish? Not for certain, but here are some well-known native born Afro-Irish. Samantha Mumba is a pop singer and actress of Zambian and Irish descent from Ireland. Her most notable role was Mara in the 2002 film, The Time Machine. Songwriter and bassist Philip Parris Lynott came to prominence as the frontman of the wildly popular Irish rock band, Thin Lizzy.  Thin Lizzy is best known for the hit ‘The Boys are Back in Town, 1976  He was the son of an Afro Brazilian father and an Irish mother. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the entire global village!

Samantha Mumba

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Much to my delight and surprise, I found myself to be the current “Featured NBC Chicago Street Teamer”! After such an exciting, bustling and fantastic Chicago Holiday season, I feel as though the gifts just keep on coming!

I also realized that in the midst of all the excitement, there were TWO holiday videos that I never actually posted on this site. I know, I know… and I’m sorry. Please forgive Santa.

Due to the “Santa-Clause-y” nature of the videos, I wondered if the time had passed and it was too late to post… BUT THEN I thought, “What would Santa do?”

So, “bada-bing, bada-boom”… here you go. Please enjoy Santa dancing at the Go Green event and ice skating in Millennium Park.

Find more fun and silly videos at JenChicago.com!

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

On December 11, Yelp hosted their 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Cocktail Soiree at Architectural Artifacts… and it ROCKED! If you missed this one, get on the website and start yelping, so that you do’t miss the next one!

From the website:

Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great (and not so great) in your world. You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairstylists, and anything local. Yelp makes it fast and easy by collecting and organizing your friends’ recommendations in one convenient place.

Cocktails provide by:
Barefoot Champagne / Poinsettia
Between Lounge / Hot ‘n’ Dirty
Blackbird / Anejo Smash
Blue 13 / X’s and O’s
Bull & Bear / The Broker’s Breakfast
Chaise Lounge / X-Miss-tini
Encore Liquid Lounge / White Winter Pear
Jbar / S’more-tini
May Street Market / Nectar Martini
MK / Adlib
Uncommon Ground / Winter Tree Tini
Zed 451 / Cranberry Spiced Old Fashioned

Check out more groovy videos at JenChicago.com!

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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

Last night I attended a huge girl party at the Chicago Cultural Center. Girls rock.

For more information and details on upcoming parties: http://www.craveparty.com/chicago/

For more super cool videos, check out http://jenchicago.com

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