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Raminder, NBC5 Street Team

The Olympics are in full swing and apparently the Phelps-mania is catching on and NBC couldn’t be happier for their advertisers! And we are too!

Former U.S.S.R. member Russia realized they didn’t have much sports might so why not show their military might during the Opening Night ceremonies by engaging Georgia in a wrestling match.  

The U.S. maintains a slim lead in the total medal count (79) but China (76) has to wonder if the medals should be weighted the same, given that they (China – 43 Golds) have 17 more Gold medals than the U.S. (26 Golds).

Russia (10 Golds) is sitting at a total of 42 medals and I think Putin (and his judoesque prowess) saw this poor showing coming and wanted to bring Georgia into its empire and count their 3 medals too. But it doesn’t work that way Mr. Putin or at least try invading the UK (16 Golds and total of 33 medals) and Germany (11 Golds and total of 28 medals) as they could put you in the lead.

These Olympics might be remembered as the ones that brought Russia into the forefront of Europe again when it was instead supposed to be China’s moment to make us fear them. 😉 Oh and the other billion strong nation of India celebrated with their first-ever solo Gold medal in 10m Air Rifle shooting…Jai Hind my peeps!


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Raminder, NBC5 Street Team

Remember the good ole Cold War and all its detente? I miss it. It sure gave meaning to everything in our lives, from watching the tense weightlifting competition pitting U.S.S.R and U.S.A.,  to some other so-called sport (handball…go easy on the bashing if you play handball) that’s only remembered as a sport every four years, or how the judges from both nations rated each other in gymnastics.

But maybe, just maybe, these could be the games that bring back the passion sans the sappy storylines (a la VH1 Behind the Music). China and its exports (some lead-filled) to us have propelled them to a powerhouse status worthy of being disliked by mainstream America. Russia, on Putin’s watch, is gathering its resources and might just become something to be reckoned with, but not till 2020 or so.

India, though well populated, cannot muster up the same level of chutzpah for sports as they have for education. Germany is still reeling from their EuroCup loss to Spain to care about the Games. Cuba, minus Fidel, is adversarial in boxing and baseball but too small to really challenge…

Nonetheless, here’s a merry toast to seeing a rival rise onto the world stage tomorrow night and Happy Games To You All!!!

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