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candace-small2Candace Jordan, NBC Chicago Street Team

The premier of the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry Tuesday night was beyond my wildest expectations.   I must say, I consider myself one of the biggest Harry Potter fans on the planet and this show blew me away.  In a 10,000 square-foot exhibit spaceHarry Potter you can see over 200 artifacts from all of the Harry Potter films and some things you just couldn’t imagine…..like being able to sit in one of Hagrid’s over-sized chairs inside his hut, viewing a life size Buckbeak and centaur up close and personal, throwing quaffle balls into the Quidditch rings, the flying Ford Anglia “borrowed” by Ron and Harry, seeing the TriwizHarry Potter Fansard Cup and Harry’s wand and glasses, props and artifacts from the Yule Ball, walking into the Great Hall and seeing for yourself those magical candles hanging from the ceiling, being sorted by the Sorting Hat (I was in Gryffindor) and even the Hogwart’s Express!!  The Museum of Science and Industry beat out 40 other institutions vying for the honor of being the first to present this extraordinary collection of Harry Potter memorabilia.  It opens on Thursday, April 30th, and runs through September 27th.    Tickets are $18 for adults and $15 for children age 3-11.   Prepare to be SORTED!  🙂

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