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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC Chhicago Street Team

Most great ideas are inspired by personal experiences or passions.  In the restaurant/food  industry,  many concepts emerge from the love of a particular ethnic food, a visit to another part of the world,  or a need that has yet to be addressed.  Bottom line is that we create based on our own motivations, successes or challenges.  Being known as the “fat kid” growing up was challenge for Matt Matros, but helped to motivate him to shed 60 pounds eight years ago.  His vision after dropping the poundage was to help people everywhere live the healthy lifestyle that they want to live.  His brainchild?  “Protein Bar”, a new food venue downtown Chicago where folks can quickly get a meal with essential proteins needed to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Protein Bar provides quick and healthy items high in protein and fiber, but low in sugar.

Protein Bar provides quick and healthy items high in protein and fiber, but low in sugar.

“Protein Bar” has signature protein drinks, signature whole grain bowls and a plethora of boosts too choose from along with fresh made wraps, soups and salads.  There is also an option to build your own drink or bowl if you’re not feeling any of the signature options, but a must try signature protein drink is the “Wrigley Peeled”, consisting of chocolate protein, a choice of milk, all natural peanut butter and banana.  “Protein Bar” uses either whey, soy, or egg as a protein and has four different types of milk.  Some of their boosts include an “Anti-Oxidant Blend”, “Fat Burner Blend”, “Hangover Blend”, and “Libido Blend”.  Gotta try the “Libido Blend”!  Their whole grain bowl options are steel-cut oatmeal, quinoa, power granola, or Kashi Go-Lean Crunch.  Try the “Crackberry” bowl if you like Acai berries mixed with vanilla protein, yogurt, power granola and a fresh banana.  All items are high in protein and fiber and low in sugar.  The “Chipotle Roast Beef with Guacamole” highlights their wrap selections.

“Protein Bar” provides nutritional facts about all of their menu items, which is very helpful for the health conscious individual.  The menu explains the differences between proteins and compares the nutritional differences between their signature items and similar selections found at Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Duncan Donuts and Chipotle.  Overall, “Protein Bar” is a new favorite of yours truly, another former “fat kid”, and will be a frequent stop on my protein tour.

“Protein Bar” is located at 235 South Franklin Street.  For more information log onto www.proteinbarchicago.com.  Check out www.efete.net for more restaurant reviews and an inside look at Chicago’s newest restaurants via Fete Select TV.

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Dave Leonard, NBC Chicago Street Team

When rapper Ice Cube says “Two in the morning, got the fat burger” in the hip-hop classic song, “It Was A Good Day”, I can definitely relate to that line. There has been many a time I’ve found myself in Los Angeles, California late at night after the club, craving a juicy Fat Burger. Now thanks to Chi-town’s own Kanye West, I no longer have to fly thousands of miles to get some of my favorite fast food.

This past weekend, my wife and I headed to my old stomping grounds, the South burbs to check out the brand new Fat Burger restaurant in Orland Park, IL (located at 15110 S. Lagrange Rd.). The 2,353 square foot, 74-seat restaurant is the first of several that Kanye West’s KW Foods LLC is slated to open in the Chicago area over the next year. We were curious to see how the new franchise would stack up to the ones out West. Well….it didn’t dissappoint!

The first noticeable difference when we arrived was the seemingly never-ending line that stretched out the door. All 74 seats inside were occupied and it was like playing musical chairs to get a seat. It took us at least 20 minutes to get through the line as there was only one person working the register up until we got a few feet away from the front of the line.

Just as we got to the front and started placing our order, I noticed a seat about to open that a young girl had also been scoping until her mother foolishly sent her around the restaurant to check for another opening. I am not ashamed to say, as soon as the seat did become available, I abrubtly interrupted my wife and sent her to retrieve it. All is fair in war and hunger. Some casualties are even innocent children.

I ordered my usual, a XL Turkeyburger with cheese, no pickles and no relish accompanied by Fat fries and a Maui Banana Shake. My wife settled for a regular Turkeyburger with cheese, fries and a chocolate shake. Because it was so packed inside, everyone was given a number on an small orange construction cone and a server brought your meal out to you. The service was pretty quick considering the large crowd and once we took a bite, it was worth every minute. Ironically, Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” and “I Wonder” from the “Graduation” album played in the background on the jukebox that was located near the back of the line.

Even though we both were extremely hungry, we took our time and savored every bite. By the time we finished, we felt like we had been eating all day. I was pleased, and thankful that Kanye had the vision to bring Fat Burger to Illinois and I look forward to the new location on 95th Street (which will also be closer to me) in January 2009.

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