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Natalia Avilez, NBC5 Street Team

I first discovered Allá a little over a year ago when a good friend of mine, Myke Adams, insisted that I listen to them.

Allá, a Chicago-based Mexican-American trio, was created by brothers, Jorge and Angel Ledezma. While still staying true to their Mexican-American heritage, they have found a way to combine a variety of sounds such as the Brazilian Tropicalia movement, Motown, German Krautrock experiments and made it work. Although Allá’s first album, Es Tiempo  ( Crammed Discs) was released in June, it has been a vision of Jorge for six years.

I was lucky enough to be at Schubas on the day of their record release show where I, along with other Allá believers, were able to experience their multi-dimensional sound firsthand. The lava-inspired lighting not only suited a portion of Alla’s personality, but emitted a warm glow from lead singer Lupe Martinez. The highlight of my night was when the Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, and Allá performed their own rendition of the song Calabria. Allá has done performances all over the globe and it does not look like they are stopping any time soon. The next time you can catch Allá here in Chicago is on August 9th, at Permanent Records located at 1914 West Chicago Ave. Hurry because who knows where they will be next!


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