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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

The Heaven Seventies are unabashedly mixed and engineered and tweaked. They’re electronic and poppy and top-40. They’re fun.

The Heaven SeventiesInfluenced by artists as varied as Justin Timberlake, James Brown, and Queen, they spend weeks and months perfecting the mix for just one song. The result is clean and polished, and their music has that get up and dance quality. They want people to have fun and celebrate life, and their live show audience takes that to heart. You can see it for yourself, and get your own groove on at Bottom Lounge (1375 W Lake St) on July 24.

The Heaven Seventies – In The Morning Light

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Fayth (aka Relaxocat), NBC5 Street Team

Monday is often the day of rest for people who go to a lot of shows. However, Belgium based Styrofoam is playing at Schuba’s on Monday, so if you’d like to relax with some happy, yet lyrically interesting electronica, this might be just the show for you.

Styrofoam-A Thousand WordsTouring ahead of his sixth CD release, “A Thousand Words” due out on June 24th on the Nettwerk label, Arne Van Petegem arrives with his indie/electro-pop sounds known as Styrofoam. Arne has collaborated with a number of international musical artists and has remixed for bands such as Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service, and Jimmy Eat World. I was surprised to see that Styrofoam has such a vast North American tour since the music is more well known in Europe, but I certainly am glad to see that the music is getting around.

I picked up an earlier, self produced Styrofoam CD about two years ago after hearing the track, “Front To Back”. That track has a particularly nice musical transition not often found in electronic music. Arne and I passed emails last Friday right before his show in Cambridge, MA – literally an hour before his show – and I asked him if he planned on playing “Front To Back” at Schuba’s. He graciously and modestly wrote that he has only performed that song a few times live with Andrew Kenny, the original vocalist featured on the CD. He went on to say that he cannot imitate Kenny’s “smooth R & B stylings 🙂 “. I think it’s great that he found the time on tour to email me back and to give kind credit to Andrew Kenny. Aside from Styrofoam’s fun music, I’m betting that Arne is just a good guy. That combination is what is going to get me out on a Monday night.

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Dave Leonard, NBC5 Street Team, (Video)

Although she’s been MIA from the US music scene for at least a decade, Swedish Pop songwriter and vocalist, Robyn, had plenty of fans come out to support her amazing first ever performance in Chicago  at the Park West Wednesday night. 

Some of you may remember Robyn at the young age of 16 when she first came on to the scene with her signature blond bob cut and two infectious radio Pop hits, “Show Me Love” and “Do You Know (What It Takes)”.  Ten years later it almost appears as if time has stood still for Robyn as she could almost pass for 16 today.  One thing is for sure, she has left that bubblegum Pop sound behind for a fresher, more unique mash-up of electronica, hip-hop, R&B and New Age.

The diversity of Robyn’s music was reflected in the makeup of the crowd at the Park West which came out to hear selection’s from her newest release simply titled “Robyn”.  This album which contains many tracks that have been underground hits overseas for several years is the first album Robyn has released on her own record label Konichiwa Records.

After the audience was treated to various dance selections from the opening DJ (who’s name I can’t print since this blog is PG-13), Robyn and her 3-piece band appeared on stage all dressed in black.  She got the party started on the “good foot” launching into the infectious groove “Cobrastyle” which she recently rocked on the David Letterman Show.

Robyn kept the party going with crowd favorites like “Who’s That Girl” and the clever self-promoting, in-your-face anthem “Konichiwa B****es”.  She didn’t dissapoint as she moved back and forth across the stage keeping the party vibe on ten and getting the crowd involved on tracks like her current radio single “Handle Me” and her huge UK hit, “With Every Heartbeat”.

My personal favorite moments during Wednesday’s show was when Robyn did the R&B-inspired “Crash & Burn Girl” and even threw in an extra treat with the Fyre Department remix of Snoop Dogg’s hit single “Sensual Seduction” which she is featured on.

Robyn did take a moment to slow things down on the somber, yet beautiful “Eclipse”, but she picked things right back up with tracks like “Bum Like You”.  After the crowd had been exhausted from dancing all night, Robyn returned to the stage for not one, but two encores…one of which she took it back to 1997 with a scaled down, more modern version of the song that started it all, “Show Me Love”.

Robyn definitely made a new fan in me and although she’s been making hits overseas the past ten years, she didn’t miss a step on her re-introduction to The States.

 photo credit: Adam Bielawski

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