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tom_kolovos_wordpressnewTom Kolovos, NBC Chicago Street Team

Chris Rock once joked that as a father you have  only two responsibilities: to keep your son from winding up on the (crack) pipe and your daughter from winding up on the (stripper) pole.

After last night , I would add a third:  keep your daughter  from winding up on Donald Trump‘s “Miss Universe Pageant.”

Slideshow: Miss Universe Competition

Billy Bush was the host of the festivities and his main function was to repeatedly remind us that contestants would be sporting some of the hottest bathing suits. Ever. OMG!

All buttoned up in an ill fitting tux, he kept promising us that “lots of skin” would be on display.

He wasn’t kidding. As the top 15 contestants changed into their suits, we were treated to a photo shoot of contestants in (perhaps the tackiest of) string bikinis. When Flo Rida came out to perform, bikini clad contestants who were not lucky enough to make it into the top 15 were lucky enough to be able  to sashay behind him, in the manner of what used to be disparagingly called “a video ho” on MTV.

After the contestants were winnowed down to the top 10, we were  finally treated to a synopsis of their inner life, whilst they stood there in….. string bikinis.

Billy’s pithy revelations were limited to their ages and  their hobbies, which were almost exclusively limited to  exercising, shopping and watching reality television. Really? At least in the  pre-feminist ‘ 70s, pageant organizers wanted us to know so much more about the contestants, including their measurements and favorite color (peach used to be the most common, as I recall).

It is difficult to walk away from the telecast last night without thinking that the “pageant” should be properly retitled Donald Trump Presents:  I’d Like to Hit That (When Melania Isn’t Watching).” The top 15 we were told were chosen by an (unnamed) panel of judges and by representatives from the “Donald Trump organization.”

When we were introduced to the judges who were actually going to pick the winner, I couldn’t help but wonder what qualification any of them had to pick the winner of, well, anything.

Some of the judges (both male and female) were downright creepy in that sex trafficking sort of way. And because, unlike the Miss America pageant, the Miss USA/Universe pageant has never  bothered with the pretense that it is a scholarship competition in which some (dubious) talent is involved, sex–sorry, skin– is all it can traffic in.

Oh, it turns out Miss Venezuela won the title, even though Miss Dominican Republic was by far the most stunning and beautifully dressed of all the contestants this year. She had to settle for runner up.

I, simply, better settle down.

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Theresa Carter, The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

Donald Trump sure knows how to throw a press conference. As we waited to be led out to the 16th floor terrace, servers offered champagne, wine, and a “Chicago Sunrise”, a drink made of mango puree and soda water with a splash of pineapple juice and blueberries. Vitamin water, bottled water, and mini bottles of Coke products were displayed. Hors d’oeuvres like prosciutto wrapped caprese bites and wonton wrapped shrimp kept the champagne from having too much of a kick at 3 in the afternoon. It was all very fitting considering the sumptuous environment of Trump Tower.

Trump’s appearance was to celebrate that his tower is nearing completion, and he did talk about that some, but a couple of questions steered him towards a discussion of the economy. He was pretty heavy on the doom and gloom, throwing out the word “depression” a couple of times. It was quite a contrast to the multi-million dollar condos and hotel suites that cost $2,000 a night that were towering above us.

After answering a few questions he introduced Alderman Brendan Reilly. Then Trump and his three children made hand impressions in concrete, which will become part of the building.

Ivanka & Donald Trump make hand impressions in concrete

When I’m not drinking champagne at 3 in the afternoon with The Donald, I’m – well really, if I’m not doing that, does it really matter? Oh well. I spend the rest of my days sans celebrities writing about things we normal people can do in Chicago.

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