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Fayth a.k.a. Relaxocat, NBC5 Street Team

DJ Icey just sent me an email reminding me that he touches down in Chicago this Friday at Smartbar.  I downloaded his recent Sirius radio set that also promotes his upcoming show and I’m taking a break from dancing around to share it with y’all.  First off, you too can hear his Sirius radio set for free by clicking right here or by clicking on the flyer for his upcoming show, “5 Dolla Bill Y’All”.  Yes, that’s right, the show is just $5 bucks at Smartbar this Friday night!  I want to add that DJ Icey’s aim is to bring us an affordable show, noting that nowadays it can be costly to go out, drink, dance, and party.  Thanks Icey, we love you!

After my disappointment with Moby’s Lollapalooza after-party set over a month ago, I’m doing the happy-dance because DJ Icey is coming to town, bringing his style of spinning which really does keep you moving on the dance floor, and not just at the same bpm.  His musical influences come from all over the musical landscape, so look forward to innovative breakbeats, hip-hop, funk, loops, drum & bass, vocals, a little Latin, and a touch of rock ‘n roll.  Seriously, it’s great dance music.

With a myriad of releases on Zone Records, DJ Icey is internationally known and currently touring around the country and around the globe.  His current release, “Offshore Jedi”, is on pre-release at ITunes.  We Chicagoans get a perk at Smartbar since his show here has a fantastic line-up of four other DJ’s, including a set from Keith MacKenzie.  Get a sampling by listening to DJ Icey’s recorded set that includes a mini-set by Keith, or tune in to his show, “Automatic Static”, Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. CT on Sirius Radio, channel 34.

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