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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC Chicago Street Team

 Finding the time to play golf is a challenge on many different levels, especially while living in the city.  The first challenge is making the tee time early enough to avoid being on the course the entire day.  Secondly, the location must not be too far from the city and should have easy access away from major traffic.  Thirdly, the golf course itself must be void of a lot of water, trees and brush that will limit the number of balls that I lose.  Lastly, but most importantly is the club house food, which should be good enough to make up for bad shots and a high score.  The Glencoe Golf Club seems to have at least the latter locked down with their newly renovated restaurant Max’s on the Green.

Glencoe Golf Club

Glencoe Golf Club

Larry Estes, President and founder of Catering by Max’s, opened Max’s on the Green with the intentions of making it more than a food venue for golfers.  His hopes are to attract locals to dine at Max’s on the Green throughout the week, regardless of golfing.  The menu consists of breakfast and lunch, but the dinner menu deserves the most attention.  Atypical of most club house options dinner entrees include dishes such as the Salmon Filet, Lobster Ravioli, Pork Chop and Skirt Steak.  The Greg Norman Kobe Burger was delicious and consists of an 8 oz beef burger grilled to your liking and served on a pretzel bun.  Be sure to complement the burger with cheese fries or onion strings.  Although Max’s is known for their Italian Beef the Grilled Chicken sandwich topped with your choice of BBQ sauce or honey mustard is the way to go.   They still have the traditional golf course grub, including sandwiches, salads and wraps and a few dessert menu items.  All meals can be enjoyed inside the restaurant or on the outside deck overlooking the ninth hole.  Max’s transforms into a traditional restaurant setting with waiters and servers only during dinner hours.

The Glencoe Golf Club is located on the North Shore at 621 Westly Rd and is not too far from the city.  The public golf course is gorgeous and scenic.  For more information about Max’s on the Green and the Glencoe Golf Club log onto www.cateringbymaxs.com or www.glencoegolfclub.com.  Check out www.efete.net or Fete Select TV for a review of the newest and best restaurants in Chicago.

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Lindsay_small_2Lindsay Saewitz, NBC Chicago Street Team

Five Guys at Clark and Fullerton opened to the public this past Monday, July 27th and it wasn’t long before the crowds were wrapped around stacks of peanut bags waiting to get their first taste of this East Coast classic.

Don't be fooled by two patties - this is just The Hamburger

Don't be fooled by two patties - this is just The Hamburger

The first thing that Five Guys newcomers should know is that the “Hamburger” is actually a double burger and the “Little Hamburger” is actually a regular-sized hamburger, not a slider. Also, you can add toppings at no additional cost, so you might as well go all out! The order process is a little frantic so it’s best to know what you want before you get up to the cash register.

While you wait for your food, you can sit back and relax with a basket of free peanuts and watch the cooks grilling your food fresh or the Lincoln Park Scene- your choice. The burgers come wrapped in foil and the fresh-cut fries- choose regular or Cajun- come stuffed in a Styrofoam cup overflowing into a paper bag. It’s glorious. The fries were pretty great

Fresh-cut Fries

Fresh-cut Fries

although some thought they were way too salty. The burgers were greasy and delicious, as expected.

The best part about Five Guys is that it’s open ’til 2am on the weekends, and it’s one large space ready and waiting for a party. No other late night restaurant comes to mind where you can get a giant burger and are free to frolic instead of being confined to a particular table or stuffed into a closet-sized space. Five Guys just might be the after-party that Lincoln Park’s been waiting for.

Still hungry after 2? Cross the street to Sarks and get your Loretta nightcap.


Crowd at Five Guys

Five Guys
2368 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614

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JenChicago, NBC Chicago Street Team

Last weekend, my brothers were in town and I wanted to make sure that I showed them a really good time for the short few days they were here. We went to parties, Navy Pier, Millennium Park and more!

I asked friends for suggestions for where to take my brothers and got the Tommy Gun’s Garage recommendation by my good friend, and fellow NBC Chicago Street Teamer, Jim Grillo (HeresChicago.com) …and what a great suggestion it was!

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D.C. “Fete Select TV” Crenshaw, NBC5 Street Team

Longevity in any industry is rare nowadays, but especially within the restaurant industry.  A combination of great food, service, location and price is what every restaurant owner desires, in order to make their venue last.  Chicago restaurant veteran Jimmy Alexander has been doing it for years, and now has another winner with his new restaurant Powerhouse.Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad "Nicky" Hilton flew in Alexander's dressing for their wedding recpetion in 1950.

Built in a historic landmark in Chicago’s Fulton River District, Powerhouse gets its name from the Western Railway power plant.  The main dining room vibe reminds me where powerful business meetings take place, but the separate bar area is much more casual and contemporary.  The menu, by Executive Chef Jeff Mauro, is packed with an array of traditional American dishes with a powerful twist.  One of my favorites was the Tartare of Hawaiian Ono, an appetizer item.  The Lemon Risotto and Wild Boar Rack and Loin were also very tasty and enjoyable.  One of the highlights of the menu was the famous Alexander salad dressing on their Romaine Hearts salad.  

Mr. Alexander explained that the salad dressing has been on the menu at all of his restaurants since the 1950’s.  In-fact, Conrad “Nicky” Hilton enjoyed the dressing so much, that he had it shipped to his 1950 wedding with Elizabeth Taylor, for their dinner reception.  Now that’s a history lesson for you.  The desserts are plentiful with a selection of cheescake, cake and sorbet, but the winner hands down were the Sweet Potato Doughnuts!  Being a doughnut connoisseur, I have to say that these were the best doughnuts that I’ve ever had.  Period!  Gotta try the doughnuts folks.

Powerhouse is located at 215 Clinton Street between Randolph and Fulton.  It’s open for lunch and dinner and their casual bar is a great place to watch the game.  You can check out their web site at www.powerhouserestaurant.com or call (312) 928-0800 for reservations.  As always, check out Fete Select TV for an inside look at the newest and best restaurants in the city.

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