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JenChicago, NBC Chicago Street Team

Joe Piscopo is flying in to Chicago this afternoon for meetings and promotion associated with his upcoming variety show, The Joynt After Dark.  Joe will host the show with comedian Don Novello, also known as Father Guido Sarducci and other guest hosts.  The guys have partnered up with long time friend and co-owner of The Joynt, Stan Wozniak to create the scripted-reality variety show, along with producers Jimmy “The Hat”, Ari Golan, Matt Gaven and Jen Knoedl.  The multi-talented Mr. Piscopo will host the show with audience and guests through music, song, skits, stand-up, interviews and whatever else pops up!  The show is set to shoot this month and the talent search for guests and audience has begun!

Come to audition or come for the party!  Tonight, Tuesday, November 3rd The Joynt will host open auditions downstairs in the Retro Room.  “Would-be” comics, magicians and other entertainment acts are encouraged to sign up for a time slot beginning at 8:30 in the Grand Bar.  In addition to searching for guest talent, The Joynt After Dark is auditioning for the casted audience.  Come tell the guys why they need YOUR energy in the room!  (Psst: I think they MAY be looking for enthusiasm!)

Auditions will be held from 9-11 pm.  First come, basis.  Tell your talented friends.

The Joynt

650 N Dearborn St (@Erie)


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Natalia “Bat Girl” Avilez, NBC Chicago Street Team

If you were one of the many comic book fans who either missed out on, were disappointed in, or simply crave more Comic-Con; this is your chance.  On Saturday, September 19th, Chicagoans  are getting a second chance to indulge in Chicago’s finest Comic Book Convention — the Windy City Comicon(WCC) . Now in its second year in the running, Windy City has lined up a fantastic array of local comic book creators, artists, writers, and publishing companies for your viewing pleasure. But wait there’s more! Not only will you be able to  meet industry guests  but will also get a chance to  get great deals on comics, attend  panels, indulge in games and receive a gift pack.

“It’s organized by Chicagoans and many of the 85 creator guests are either hometown products or now call Chicago home,” co-promoter Christopher Neseman said.

Guests include  artists Jenny FrisonTim Seeley, Skottie Young,  Mike Norton and Sal Abbinanti. Publishing companies include: Moonstone, Olympian, Topshelf and Shortpants

“Chicago has one of the richest and most vibrant comic book communities in the country, and Windy City Comicon is a showcase of that,” Neseman said.

Challengers, Comics + Converstationwill be kicking off the event with the official Windy City Comicon preview party on Friday night at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets for the show are $10 and can be purchased either at the door or on the WWC site. The Convention will be held at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted, between the hours of 10 a.m.-6 p.m. WCC is offering the first 500 guests a gift pack, so be sure to arrive early.

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Natalia “Bat Girl” Avilez, NBC Chicago Street Team

Today is the first  Saturday of May, which  is also known in the Comic book world as Free Comic book day! For one day only, select Comic book stores across America will be participating in this seven year  tradition that involve free comics, special signings and other special events. What are you waiting for? Zip out of bed and log on to the FCBD locater to see which stores will be participating.

As for this Bat Girl, I just may be at Challengers from noon to 3  gettting an autograph or two from the creator of Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen, as I listen to some tunes from Heroes For Hire. Who said nothing in life was free?

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Natalia “Bat Girl” Avilez, NBC Chicago Street Team

What started out as a friendly trip to New York Comic Con with my friend Rachelle Rosenberg,  illustrator for  Image Comics newly released Jersey Gods turned into a weekend of information, conversation,and a reunion with old and new comic friends.

I know what many of you are thinking, a comic convention? That’s just a geek-a-thon!

Rachelle Rosenberg signs copy of Jersey Gods for fan

Rachelle Rosenberg signs copy of Jersey Gods for fan

Well,  if you sit back and think about it, are comics really for nerds? With the Modern age of Comics upon us and the success of comic-based movies such as the Dark Knight and the perennial bestselling graphic novel Watchmen, comics are no longer  uncool. Breaking its way into mainstream society, this once neglected genre has taken popular culture by storm. Comics have not only spun its web around  Hollywood  but has also influenced the fashion and music industry.

So what did three days of my geek-a-thon teach me? Well,  I learned about many of the challenges and changes within the industry, including the influence that the economy has had on consumers buying habits. As a result of this Aspen comics is  offering its fans an opportunity to purchase their upcoming release ,Dellec, 50 cents lower than its other publications.   I learned about the rise of electronic comics including webcomics and Uclick, and last but not least   I  learned that Run DMC wants to be Spider-man.  Well sort of,  Run DMC announced the release of the Public Enemy comic series coming out this Fall.

nycc-0291As I made my way through the shoulder to shoulder traffic of storm troopers, and out of the Javits Center, I could not help but  purchase my first comic,  Amazing Spiderman meets Barack Obama! So whether you  are a fan-boy or girl, a politician, or a musician,  there is a little bit of  geek in all of us. For those of you that missed out hang tight!  Creators of the NYCC are  planning to launch the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, at the McCormick center in April of 2010.<

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Natalia Avilez, NBC Street Team

That’s what Geoff Johns told me the night I began to write about my experience at Wizard World Chicago 2008, and after attending the convention I have to agree. Being a female and walking into the modern age of comics a little late into the game, I thought my brain was going to overload with information. I didn’t know where to start, what to expect, or what I would see.
Natalia's Slideshow - Image From Nikola Ranguelov
As I stepped foot onto the convention center floor, looked over the abyss of comics, and into the sea of fan boys and girls, I was greeted by a 7-foot-tall Incredible Hulk, swept off my feet by Spider-Man, teased by devilish pin-up girls, and surrounded by a bunch of Jokers. I felt like it was Halloween and my little bag of goodies was being bombarded with free materials including comics, stickers, and toys. I raced around to the different vendors, publishing companies, and panels, trying to soak up as much information as I could. I was tugged at from every corner by artists, fans, creators and celebrities, including Lou Ferrigno, the Iron Sheik, Cousin Itt, and special effects master Robert Kurtzman, who caught me off guard for an on camera interview.

Slideshow: Wizard World 2008

For myself, all the magic happened at night, when I was able to learn more about the industry and mingle with the faces behind the comics, such as Top Cow’s Marc Silverstri, DC’s Geoff Johns, Jim Valentino , Batman Gotham Knight’s ,Brian Azzarello, and Greg Rucka, The Heroe Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin, and special guest and artist Dennis Calero. Those creative minds, such as myself, who landed into the comic world either on purpose or by accident, who followed their dreams, and made a name for themselves. As I immersed myself into the modern age of comics, I felt the excitement and energy seep from the hearts and eyes of fans realizing that this was more than just toys and comics.

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Natalia Avilez, NBC Street Team

By creating an in-store and on-line experience, proprietors Dal Bush and Patrick Brower are bringing the entire community — including Bucktown and Logan square — to get involved in what’s great about comics, Comics + Conversation.

As soon I walked in the store, I felt as if I was literally stepping foot into a page of comic book! The store is saturated in reds, and the windows are animated with art from local artists such as Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Scottie Young, Chris Giarrusso’s, and Art Baltazar. The center aisle is home base to mainstream and independent comics, while the graphic novels are guarded on the back shelves by legends such as Iron Man and Spiderman. As I made my way through and around the store (which took me about four hours,) I began to re-visit the 80s child within myself, and found myself at the art table in the back where I created a masterpiece of stick figures (I should have read the “how to” sections behind me).

17 years in the making, Challengers is providing the community with a small store atmosphere that you can really feel like you are a part of. Both Patrick and Dal are allowing the community to do something that you can’t do through websites and larger stores — allowing them to both buy and be excited about comics as much as they are. Only after visiting the store, customers are able to sign up for the challengers website where they can talk about comics, post reviews, check out upcoming events, or spend countless amounts of hours staring at the Challenger’s store web cam. Challenger’s has a fresh new perspective of putting the fun back into comics and meeting new people along the way. So long gone are the days of bickering with fellow comic book fans on which is better, DC or Marvel, you can now battle it out on the intranet. Who knows, you just might run into them at the store!

Don’t forget to graffiti the wall on the way out and to stop by the store on June 18 for DC Comics “TRINITY signing with Chicago’s own Mike Norton. Check out Newsarama’s exclusive preview of artist pages for DC’s Trinity # 3.

Challengers,1845 N. WESTERN AVE. 2R, CHICAGO, IL 60647 – 773.278.0155

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