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JenChicago, NBC5 Street Team

So Sarah invites Staci and me to go with her, and some friends, to Zanies, for a showcase. It was my first time at the Chicago laugh stop and we had a great time! Those guys and gals on stage should get big props for getting out of their comfort zone in pursuit of their dream.

Stand-up is hard. Trust me. I’ve tried it.

So we go to the packed show and then we skipped on down to Fireplace Inn where I enjoyed some great food, a cold beer and a fun chat with K-von. He’s fun and funny!

PS: Kvon just likes to go by Kvon. You know, no last name. Which is fine by me. (Although, I DO get him to spill it in the video.)

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Janelle Rominski, NBC Chicago Street Team

In these tough economic times, it seems like everyone is in need of a good entertaining laugh.

At Zanies Comedy Club, you can get your laugh-on with locally and nationally performing comedians for a relatively inexpensive price. Zanies has a location in Chicago and two in the suburbs of St. Charles and Vernon Hills.

Brian PosehnPerforming soon at Zanies are comedians Norm MacDonald, Greg Proops, Rob Riggle, Steve Burton from”General Hospital” and more.

I attended metal-head enthusiast Brian Posehn‘s show in Vernon Hills on Saturday.

Posehn is known for his role on “The Sarah Silverman Program” and has been seen all over Comedy Central and HBO.

Posehn often reflects his love for metal music in his shows as he is a big supporter of bands like Anthrax, Iron Maiden, etc.

Opening for Posehn was comedian Tony Camin who has appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”.

Posehn gave a special thanks to the audience for coming out to see his show in wake of the poor economy. As a supporter of President Obama, Posehn is looking forward to the change that is coming with the new presidency. Posehn is experiencing change in his life as well. He recently bough a new home in Los Angeles and he and his wife are expecting their first child together.

Brian Posehn and Janelle RominskiHis show was very entertaining. It wasn’t about telling joke after different joke. It was more about telling his life’s stories in the most crazy, insane, ridiculous kinds of ways. After all, I believe comedy is about being able to laugh at yourself with others.

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The Local Tourist, NBC5 Street Team

Can’t think of anything amusing? That’s OK. It’s hard to be funny on the fly. Fortunately we mere mortals don’t have to, and can instead enjoy the quick wit of professional funny folk during the 11th Annual Chicago Improv Festival.

Chicago Improv FestivalThis year, four cast members from “30 Rock”, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, John Lutz, and Paul Scheer, will improvise in three different shows. The Main Stage venue is at Lake Shore Theatre and there are other performances at The Second City Skybox and The Playground. There are also forums and workshops. And the fest wouldn’t be any fun at all without parties.

You can find the full schedule on The Local Tourist, and information on each act on the website.

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Cara “Cara’s Basement” Carriveau, NBC5 Street Team

First, I have to mention that it’s quite an honor to join the NBC5 Street Team! I really dig interviewing entertainers of all types and I’m absolutely thrilled to do it for you here.

Lee Camp

Recently, comedian Lee Camp was invited by Fox News to appear as a “left wing” comedian vs. a “right wing” comedian. Everything went fine until he surprisingly spoke his mind after the segment ended…watch what he did on youtube. You’ll also hear the clip in the beginning and again at the end of this podcast. It’s one of those rare unexpected live TV moments that really made me laugh.

In our conversation he explains why he said what he said and why it wasn’t a planned move to boost his career (burning bridges isn’t exactly a great idea for an up & coming comedian).

Here’s my conversation with Lee Camp from my podcast Cara’s Basement: (more…)

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